Henrikh Mkhitaryan (signed, so closed)


He’s bound to be absolute dog shit then.


Objection your honour


Wow! He said something positive about us!


He had a lot of trouble if you watch the video, haha.


He didn’t in this video tbf



I was wondering if this swap deal goes through; there will be constant comparison between Sanchez & Mkhitaryan.
Each time one player scores, the other will be criticized.


According to James Olley it will happen, but not today.


No debutants tomorrow then


Henrikh Mkhitaryan will not play against Burnley on Saturday, Jose Mourinho has confirmed, as talks continue over a swap deal involving Alexis Sanchez.

Mourinho said he is awaiting news on the transfer but insisted he is “out” of the negotiations.

Mkhitaryan arrived at United’s Carrington training ground as normal on Friday morning. Asked if Mkhitaryan could play against Burnley, Mourinho said on Friday: “[He is] not selected. But in very good condition, training really well.”



If pizza boys allows us to buy him.



On the radio… :notes: hello darkness my old friend :notes:


An aging, overpaid, incredibly inconsistent, notoriously mentally weak player that Wenger wants because the limits of his ambition are to finish fourth instead of sixth.


Yep mental strength ftw!


Arsenal DNA confirmed.


The way he’s seemingly dragging this out is as if he’s appealing a life sentence. Nice to know we’re wanted!


Don’t worry, he’ll cheer up when his buddy arrives


Ornstein said no progress today so we’ll see tomorrow hopefully, or after the weekend.


Ozil wasn’t very chuffed before joining us either.
It won’t matter. Concern should be whether he can find his mojo.


We should play Sanchez tomorrow against Palace. While i don’t wish injury on players, seeing him on the sick list would be high-lair-ee-us