Henrikh Mkhitaryan (signed, so closed)

Looks like this one is hapoening now


Have to get behind him then I guess and hope he shows his Dortmund post Jose form.

Guess it’s goodbye Malcom

:wenger: wanting instant success it seems.

No way a 29 year old on £180,000 a week long term deal with a cancerous agent and gooey (even by Arsenal standards) mentality will end badly, eh?


Make it happen. A midfielder who scores goals. Been a while since we had one of them.

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Hope he can be what he was at Dortmund. Very good player, then.

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Does he really deserve his own thread? Who is Miguel?!

That’s only cause wenger beats it out off them

He will have to win us over, not excited at all. Feels as though he doesn’t really wanna be here


Based on what?

I think he’d be elated to come but the deal is being complicated up by his agent.

I think Wenger is his ideal manager too


It’s not like it’s all sunshine and rainbows over here tbh.

A lot of uncertainty and a whole load of shitty football afoot.

Deep down he’ll know that Sanchez in means he’s done so it’s a good move for him.

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I think he will be a decent player for us.
Just because Mourinho couldn’t get the best to of him means nothing.
He has turned a lot of very good players into average ones, so just because Mkhitayran lost some form with them, doesn’t mean he will carry on that poor form with us.

As long as we get Aubameyang and Malcom as well, it means this window will be fairly decent, even if we have lost our best player, and it might even persuade Ozil to stay.

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Think he could in a 3-man midfield as well, right?

Mkhitaryan can work as auxillary AM the kind Cazorla & Ramsey were.
That’s the best way to use him

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Jose has got a bad track record concerning players. KDB, Salah, among others. Mata was class and couldn’t wait to get rid of him either. Players also give up on him quickly. He looked great at united initially and we were all anticipating his transfer when we thought he was coming here.

Have trust in Sven lads, he’s gonna drag us to the promised land.


ffs at us signing these players with hard to spell names.

He will be known as Mhki for evermore


Imagine the trouble Merson will have with pronouncing Aubameyang, Mhkitaryan and Mavropanos :rofl:


Happy with the signing if it’s indeed happening:-1:

  • I don’t buy into the idea of him being 28 being a problem. Our young average age team isn’t pulling up any trees recently

  • Don’t buy into the idea of him having to be dragged here kicking and screaming. It was one paraphrased quote in some tin pot Chilean rag, why are people even giving it a second thought?

  • Oh and he’s a really good player if memory serves. Maybe he’s just exploiting a situation to earn himself a fat pay cheque, so what? I bet his demands aren’t on a par with Sanchez or Ozil and we could afford to cave into at least one of them if money were the only issue

He should be enthused about being rescued from Mourinho and playing alongside Auba again. Potentially very decent signing on the cards


In some alternate reality universe we’ve just lost Sanchez to United and got Phil Jones in return. Be thankful :smirk:


Too long to spell. Miki for me :grimacing:

Id LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, if sanchez goes there and causes massive problems and unrest and starts his bitching and sulking because i reckon he will hate playing Maureens way. We get Auba and Mkhi and they start beasting it.

Would love to hear the interviews from Manu fans:

‘500k a week for sanchez this club just wastes money, what a fucking joke’
‘We sell one of our best talents to Arsenal, whilst we get a money grabbing bastard’

Would love it if within a year or so they wanting Sanchez to fuck off and they are freaking out about how they let Mkhi go to us.


That would be fucking ace

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If there’s a player tailor made for Mou’s style, it’s Alexis.

He will in all likelihood be awesome for them. At least for 1 or 2 years.

Unless his form this season and towards the end of last season wasn’t him just sulking.

But anyways, his ball hog antics which were horrible to watch for us may make him unplayable for them.

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