Henrikh Mkhitaryan (signed, so closed)


Mkhitaryan has had two good seasons out of five since leaving Ukraine and is about to turn 29.

Taking him (and giving him a big contract) is a sign of desperation and a mediocrity-reinforcing decision by a club that either doesn’t understand where it is in the success cycle (past its peak, no chance of competing for big trophies in the next couple years with its current group) or doesn’t really care (bc Wenger just wants to make top four again and then ride off into the sunset).


Yeah can’t say I’m excited about a swap deal involving our best player and one of United’s squad players.


He is certainly better than the last two rejects they sold us.
Sylvestre and Welbeck.

Mkhitayran might not be world class but we aren’t looking to buy world class.
Wenger is after a cheaper version, and with Mkhitayran, he at least a player that has the ability to be good again.

We are never going to buy an elite player while Wenger is the manager, he will only sell them.
So while we wait for him to leave, we have to expect this sort of player instead.


He was a lot more than that until he was Mourinho’d.



Nandos probably.


Going to have to get behind him I guess if he joins. On the bright side he’s better than Iwobi and maybe has unfilled potential, lots of attacking players have tortuous times under Mourinho


We’re definitely losing Sanchez so we just have to accept that Henrikh Michael will be better then just getting cash for him, would rather cash plus player but it doesn’t look to be happening


Didn’t he join United at the same time as Jose ? Hence he’s only ever been a squad player at United ?




Can’t blame him too much, though. He is part of a swap deal for Sanchez. And, Sanchez also doesn’t want to be here. Tough luck. :frowning:


Pretty well respected Irish journalist. I briefly worked with his dad actually.


Ahhhh ok I see


Wenger very direct in his press-conference.


I doubt anyones excited if Sanchez stays though. Least of all Sanchez.


Seeing as this is very likely now, here’s some of Mikky’s best moments:




Well, everyone knows it is happening so there is no reason to hide it anymore.


Mkhitaryan is a lovely footballer on form and God knows we need ball carriers and playmakers of his ilk in a team so devoid of creative ability.

He doesn’t have Alexis’s ability to beat a man and power his way to goal but he is a top class team player. This season Sanchez completely stopped passing the ball short. There was no way back when the manager had no influence on his performances.

I think the only replacement of Sanchez’s style would be Malcom. He seems like a worthwhile investment. Young skilful beat a man style wide player with good potential.


I have to admit, the more I think about the creative nous of Mkhi and Ozil working in tandem to feed Laca and Auba up front, the harder I’m getting.