Henrikh Mkhitaryan (signed, so closed)


Somewhere in my heart of hearts I was hoping we would sign Aubameyang and the Sanchez deal would fall through. Then after initially sulking, he would warm to playing with Auba and laca, which would fire us back up to a champions league spot.

Not going to lie, it hurts when one of our players goes to a rival, but it’s souls crushing when they go to UTD and Mourinho.


Couldn’t give a fuck who or where Sanchez goes if we sign Auba and Mhiki to replace him.

The RvP one hurt as we sold the best player in the league to our rivals and didn’t replace him.


When Auba, Mhki and Ozil all sign



Mkhi would be a great addition if he performs to his potential


What are the odds he will? Can Wenger really get the best out of him? Is our system really better suited?


And then when we lose 3-2 to Crystal Palace because we didn’t sign any defenders or change our tactics and Xhaka is still in midfield:


I’m hopeful but only time will tell


Doom monger.


Don’t fight it Luca. You know Cristo’s right.


I don’t get the dislike for Mkhitaryan. Whilst he won’t make us champions he still is a good player IMO who can help in our current quests. Furthermore we now have a player with two years on his contract; more breathing room to build.

Sanchez isn’t all that either. It will probably look like that because United just has a better team.


I hate to be that guy but it surprises me no one has thought/said Miki is probably (soon to be) Ozil’s replacement?


People have been saying that, but all the smoke on Özil right now is that he will be signing an extension shortly. No rumors floating around that he’s flirting with leaving us, like zero, zip, none.


Sánchez is a top top player. Perhaps top 10-15 in the world? Surprised to see you playing down his quality.


^^ Alright BrendanCuellar


Apart from the fact he actually hasn’t signed a contract but yeah aside from that it looks like he’s staying :eyes:


If Ozil has seen what Sanchez is earning at Man U, he and his agent will be outside Mourinho’s door at the end of the season wearing Man U shirts pleading with him to sign him.


Because if Sanchez hadn’t gone to United, Özil would be none the wiser about the big bucks he could get elsewhere?

He isn’t a bloody moron!


But that really is big bucks.
I don’t think anyone was expecting him to be the highest paid player in the PL and get a massive signing on fee.


Why is the signing on fee a surprise to people? I was expecting it. It was always going to be a big one. There were rumours that City would have given him a £30m signing on fee. That is how this kind of thing works. Özil can get a massive one too. He doesn’t need to “see” Alexis’ deal to know that!


The total package is bonkers though. I wonder if AW is right and more players with leverage are going to try to run out their contracts.