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Yeah I was thinking that and hope it’s the case as you’d think it should subside in a couple of days from now.

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Well, Arsenal are a bit of a pain in the neck tbh

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Each time I pick up real pace in my workout, either life/work puts a stop or I get some vague injury.

Got Shin Splints now :confounded:

Could be part of the reason if your cramming or trying to pick up were you left off. Frustrating for sure but everyone does this at sometime.

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I’ve been focusing on getting my strict pull-ups back. Haven’t tried one just yet to start a workout, but can pump out 8-10 with a black band. However, seen massive improvements with my handstand push-ups from all the work I’ve done. Managed 5 rounds of a superset that included 5 strict handstand push-ups each round. Solid through 3 rounds but damn it was hard to keep form in the final 2 rounds. Felt so good. I couldn’t do these last month. I was still doing kipping HSPU with plates under my head (with a mat on top). Met on today had 10 HSPU in each round and I did it without any plates, just the ab mat under my head. And managed to pump them out quick until the final round. And managed to do a few without really using the wall much!

Love it when you finally feel the returns. My core still needs a lot of work and is the first thing to tire. But working on it!

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CarnivoreMD is my new idol

5-6 more weeks of dieting down for a photoshoot before I decide what to do next. My carbs are at a moderate level here (300-350g a day) but I’m constantly flat everyday which is a struggle now mentally and it’s hard to get a proper pump in the gym. I only like this picture because it reminded me I don’t look shit even though sometimes I think I do.

This is obviously post upper workout so I have a pump but I’m quietly pleased with this shot which used to be a big weakness for me. I’m sharing this mainly cause I’m proud of the progress I’ve made in this shot lol


Jfc dude. The delt definition is op. Goddamn.


Thanks bro. I don’t train them often since I have always been quite delt dominant

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Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.


:giroud2: OA after dark content warning is required here.


:joy: classic

@SRCJJ bro your delts have delts, incredible physique. Very impressed with your leanness and vascularity.


Lol by far my favourite OG bodybuilding meme


I love the sorry of the Dutch giant that started out posting about his fitness journey there and then turned in a minor celebrity

Just in case any oldheads on here remember Pimp My Ride


grabs kleenex


@SRCJJ damn impressive brother

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People saying Elon Musk is abusing TRT by taking it and not working out/eating properly.

Do you think so or does he just look like a fat nerd?

He definitely looks odd

Lol I’ll try find the link to it but there was a study where they had some people take test and work out, some took test and didn’t work out, some didn’t take test and did work out and some didnt take anything or work out.

After the 10 week period, the guys on test who didn’t work out gained more lean muscle than the guys who didn’t take test but did work out.

He does look a bit odd but the guy is also 50 years old, its not like he’s 35 and looks like he does. I know guys who are almost half his age and in worse shape lol

He is white af tho


One of the worst body shapes I’ve ever seen lol. It’s probably a combination of something like growth hormone and some TRT plus just being too lazy to get to the gym and eat properly lol

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