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Just done 10 reps on the 60kg dumbbells on flat bench. That’s a PB for me.

I love winter cause I get to eat loads and lift heavy weight. But I’ve started dieting down again as I’ve basically eaten whatever I want for the past 2 months and it’s really starting to show now. Aiming to get down from 81kg to 74kg over the next month an a half.

What’s everybody else’s a winter conditioning like?


60kg dumbells, dayum.

I tend to do the same through winter. Can’t help but consume everything in sight. Been doing mainly compound exercises except for deads due to lower back issues :roll_eyes:. I’m starting to plateau and struggling to lower body fat though. I used to do a few cardio sessions but lately I haven’t been arsed. I’ve bulked, gone from 81 to 85, but it’s defo a dirty bulk more than anything.

Really wanna go on a crazy cut after Xmas!

I don’t touuch deadlifts anymore ‘cause I’m too scared to injure my lower back. I do stiff legs on my leg day but it’s never more than like 2 plates and there’s virtually no emphasis on my lower back.

How’d you injure your lower back though bro? Must be horrible feeling.

And yeah the crazy cut time is basically after Christmas haha. I’ve started mine early though for whatever reason.

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Injured it whilst deadlifting. My mate gassed me up and I managed one rep of 170kg and my back wasn’t the same since, so no more for me!

I’m going to allow myself to enjoy two more festive weeks of eating the fuck I want then back on the grind :smile:

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Fuck me I never went above 46, you strong prick, what’s your bb bench max?

I haven’t flat bench in a while but last summer I got 150kg for 4 reps and 140 for about 7.5 reps. What about you bro?

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120 for 3, years ago when all I trained was chest, i need to programme my training better since I’ve properly programmed my squatting and leg days to help me skate more powerfully for hockey, and my squat has gone up fuck loads, comfortable 120 for ten no issue. I don’t see the point in going super super heavy anyway. But impressive as hell numbers for you my man!

Lately I skirt around 90/100 on bench for a few reps really.

I personally don’t really tend to go too heavy on too many exercises anymore too bro. Think I wears away at your joints. So I agree that there’s not really any point in it. Plus I hurt my shoulder doing a 120kg overhead press so I don’t go over 100 on the overhead anymore either. Plus heavy flat benching is dangerous too, hear and know of too many pec tears from it.

I only go heavy on bent over barbell rows, dumbbell pressing and leg press. Everything else is moderate to semi heavy weight.

I don’t actually squat but your numbers are very impressive on the squat bro.

What’s your weight atm?

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Yeah agree with all you’ve said! That’s ridiculous on ohp my max was 65 haha! I’m at 70kg there or thereabouts at 5’6/5’7, yourself?

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Half reps dont count bro :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Same height bro and I fluctuate between 70-76kg when I’m in good shape. Although admittedly I hit 150 at 79/80kg.

@Midfield_Maestro haha I’m a man of impeccable form brother.

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Yeah, I’d say I’m in decent shape but definitely need another 3/4 kilos on me to look really good and powerful. I’m told I’m stronger than I look which doesn’t always feel good but the size will slowly follow. I’m 31 though so testosterone slowly lowering, just need to eat and live correctly for t to all fall into place, it’s all a balancing act and to be at the very top of your game it’s a full time job. I like to enjoy my life at the same time. Do you struggle with it sometimes too?

I hear you bro. I think I’m blessed generically where I don’t need to carry much weight to look bolo. I’ve been dedicated to the gym full time for like 2.5 years now and in that time I’ve never taken more than 3 days off at any one time and I generally go 5-6 days a week. But I’ve always been in the gym as I used to box so even then I was training 3-4 times a week. So it’s kind of always been a fixture in my life. The only time I really fucked up was in the months leading up to when my father passed away where I fell off completely and just ate whatever and didn’t train much. That was a really tough time and I ballooned up to 95kg which, at my height and not even being muscle, was disgusting.

But yeah this past 2-3 months I’ve been enjoying my life more and eating more freely. This week I started dieting extra hard though so I don’t fuck about when I get on my diet. Loads of tuna, brown rice, chicken, plus my morning shake with ground almonds and peanut butter powder. I basically get strict when I diet but I hear you - we all have to enjoy our life and it’s tough sometimes lol


@AW49 any input on your gym regime ? I know you’re a fully fledged gym junkie and have been for about 5 years.

Yall need a fucking gym thread, you’re ruining this thread for us lazy cunts

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Didn’t we used to have a workout / gym thread?

I was sure we did, but searched the terms “workout” and “gym” and got nada

I’m happy to contribute once we move on to cheat meals. I’m good at those

Actually, we used to have a sub Forum called Health and Fitness inside the Cross Bar section :nerd_face: