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My friend is 27 and has had two heart attacks this year. Scary now reading you’ve had an issue too.

Hope it’s all good mate, address the issue head on and take good care of your self. Really puts into perspective how sudden these type of scares can be.

Hope it’s a quick and speedy recovery brother


Was it confirmed?

Or did you come with leg swelling/chest pain and sounded like it?

If it wasn’t confirmed that’s great news.

But yeah make sure to exercise, don’t smoke if you do and eat well.

I’m glad you’re ok though.


Got the all clear. I had the chest pains whenever I would breathe or swallow anything


Good news :fist_left:t3::fist_left:t3:

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Thank god for that, hope you’re able to treat those other symptoms asap because that sounds horrid.


Best gym in the world


There must be some absolute beasts in there (including you :joy:)

I look pathetic compared to some of the people in here lol

Bruh that place is enormous lol I swear the most squat racks you’ll ever see in a gym in NZ is probably 4 or 5 :joy:

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That’s not even half of it lol. There’s like 4 different sections it doesn’t end. There’s an upstairs with fresh food, all the usual protein shake / pre work out / cookies etc etc, a huge boxing ring and training area, a barbershop, a clothing store.

It’s the most insane place when I’m back tomorrow I’ll take pics of all the rooms


That’s insane lol funnily enough I actually used to own a barbershop that was in a gym. I think the concept would work alright in a big city but here in NZ, I think it’s a bit of a push.

Is the barbershop there quite busy?

Arjen Robben done his first marathon at the weekend. 3hrs 14mins. Good that.


That’s outrageous considering he’s a little older and spent his life playing a sprinting sport.

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I’m not surprised though, you’re constantly running in football.

He’ll have played 2hr games that went to extra time so it’s only a little more which can be sorted with training.

Honestly you only realise the fitness required for football when you play it. Huge admirations

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What you reckon Lacazette’s time would be?



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Timed with a calendar


From Neptune

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Luis Enrique has a 2.58

Have him beat by 30 seconds.