Harry Kane

Kane would suit Chelsea and Utd’s players alot more. They want to add Chiesa as well.

He’s going to be good wherever he goes. Just think city should focus on haaland, he’s so direct and they lack that sort of player.

Either way, this saga should cause Spurs issues and you love to see it.

Spurs minus Kane are a 6th - 10th placed team.

Levy is a dumbass if he doesn’t sell this summer. Kane’s value will only decrease from this point. Just accept the £100m and rebuild.

But the most likely outcome is that he is forced to stay.

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Spurs had it easy with Kane and Son since they had them, the players kept it professional,not causing any fuss or pushing for a move every summer, it’s about time for some drama down there.

It’s happening?


Showbiz editors of the Sun even trying there hand at transfer rumours? :joy:

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The stars aligned for Kane here. If he’d pushed last season I don’t think city sign him, if he’d waited to see who spurs appointed I don’t think city wait for him, if Sancho wasn’t a done deal pre euros they probably go all out for Haaland.

He’ll pick up a medal or two for sure but he’ll still be a cunt.


Yeh hard to blame him jumping for joy over joining City, imagine playing for Spurs and England, dude could write a manifesto on how not to win trophies.


He probably couldn’t

He’ll end up being second in the PL all time goalscorer list, maybe even in just 2 seasons time.

He’ll definitely get close to Shearer’s record but whether he tops it will depend entirely on his durability.

Say he averages 20 goals for the next 4 years then he’ll be 14 short of the magic 260.

Can’t deny he has been absolutely brilliant at Spurs and we should be thankful he’s finally leaving those cunts. He’s evolved into a really complete player.

Unfortunately though, Spurs have a perfect opportunity to rebuild a declining side. Still, can’t imagine them being as good without Kane especially with Nuno as manager.

Kane is basically what RvP could have been for us without injuries (although RvP is still the better player if both at full fitness). Damn shame that.


Clemmie Moody with…Harry Kane

Clemmie Moody is followed by Kane’s brother and agent. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was at his wedding the other day.

So presumably his family leaked this story then? Unless she overhead stuff at the wedding and sold them all out, therefore losing her contact and all credibility, which doesn’t seem right. Maybe there is something in this story after all.

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Levy was mentioned. If it were bollocks he would have said something by now.

I’ve just remembered City have Tottenham away on the opening day :arteta:

Kane probably wont play that game either way, right?

Also, how did it go from £100m being rejected straight to fucking £160m?