Happy New Year


Ramsey is gonna win us the Europa League! :smile:

Happy New Year again!



Happy New Year all! Don’t think my new years eve was as good as @Bl1nk’s :smiley:


I thought it was just Dutch.


Oh God


Happy New Year from the frozen tundra!!!


You been studying Engrish?


Still the 1st, and I’ll share my resolution with you guys.

First I’d like to say thank you to all everyone here on OA, I love Arsenal as if they were the Los Angeles Lakers and I was born and raised to support them, and I really enjoy shooting the shit and discussing Arsenal with you guys, I’ve got no other outlet here!! When we do bad it hurts me just as bad as you guys, ruins my weekend, day and puts me in a shitty mood. My love of Wenger and certain players only comes from a place of positivity, I’m just that way by nature and a little bit of a romantic. I want to see my football idol, Wenger, at the top of the mountain again…if just one last time. I don’t want to admit he’s done.

So my resolution is to be a lot less troll like this year. Another thing that I’m natural at, my RL friends all tell me I’m a troll in RL too, so it’s just not in relation to Arsenal and OA. Apologies to any ppl here that I’ve upset and annoyed, it seems like there are a lot of ppl here who aren’t big fans of me. I’ll try and be better in 2018.

Cheers guys and happy new year to everyone, wishing you and all your loved ones only good things in 2018. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!


Just wanted to wish everyone on the OA community a Happy New Year and all the best for 2019. Yes even the ones that disagree with me 80% of the time. Hope you’ll have an enjoyable night and celebrate and stay safe doing whatever you’re doing.

Myself personally is a quiet night at home with a couple of beers and steak, as I’m stuck working NYD lol.




Yet he denies ever being a troll, despite the fact that we have the receipts lol.

Its kinda admirable in a way. At least he’s sometimes funny with it haha


Well this went well didn’t it :joy::joy::joy: guy can’t help himself. Needs help or a ban to stop us reading his shit


found some old gold nuggets in this thread lol


Troll ‘like’ I believe you made the exact point about this a couple days ago Jakey :joy::joy:

So saying someone is acting deluded isn’t necessarily calling them deluded. I would say that’s pretty spot on with how I said I was acting troll like. Anyways I only made that post for the likezzzz 🖒🖒


I’ll take yer word for it buddy haha

Gonna give it another crack in 2019? :wink:

Edit: @oompa thanks for reminding me of that post, I’ve now sent it to four different people :joy:


No my new years resolution is to let my true personality shine 🖒🖒 :heart: :heart:


Oh god. :arteta:

Rip half the forum

Also, imagine going out on NYE. Bars and clubs are all packed and the wanker density is off the charts.


No thank you, so have I in the past 3h :joy:


Honestly I’m gobsmacked anyone would put me on ignore if there were such a function. Talk about trying to build an echo chamber and a warm fuzzy safe space where you never have to be challenged on your opinions and you only have discourse with ppl who completely agree with you.


Haha have at them. Going to my sister now to pig out for the cheat day of a thousand aeons. I have been told there will be two desserts, I have let her know I expect three on arrival.