Halloween πŸŽƒ

Any one dressing up?

I’m going as a robber for a halloween night at a nightclub. First time dressing up in absolute years lol

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No Im not 12 or American


Really. A robber?

this one?

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I love dressing up. We used to have themed nights every week at university.

A couple of years ago I went to a Halloween party as a killer smurf. Was still peeling the blue paint out of my hair at Christmas!

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No. I have stopped doing this since i was 12 years old.

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I like Halloween! Went as a zombie two years ago. Might go again this year, have to see. It’ll probably be a Pennywise filled Halloween this time.


Really don’t like it. Little arseholes with bangers and fireworks everywhere, knocks on the door looking for stuff for the bonfire and the clocks go back too. It’s a pain in the hole.

As for dressing up, I’ve never been bothered. Even as a kid I pretty much just put on a mask and that was it. :slight_smile:

You can stop wearing the mask now :wink:

I don’t like fireworks or trick or treaters - I like Halloween being on a work night so that I’m not home in time to have to put up with pesky kids knocking on the door. But I like any excuse to dress up :sunglasses:

We all know Halloween is an excuse for ladies to dress slutty and get away with it and everybody loves it.

(if this starts some sexism debate it was just a joke, if not it wasn’t)


I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween, probably due to the fact that my mum hates it so I never went trick or treating when I was younger. Last year in my flat we carved some pumpkins (we was bored) which was actually quite fun. Might do that again this year, but I’m too lazy to go to a fancy dress party.


Always a cracking night for this reason alone.

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I don’t need an excuse for that :sunglasses:



Fuck this holiday and any other useless holiday created solely to get my money. Damn straight I don’t buy christmas presents for anyone either fuck that.


Halloween aint nothing but one day of the year that begging and vandalism is legal!

I don’t rate Halloween, it’s just another day of the year, nothing special

Dont like the idea of old people being harassed by kids knocking on doors. Some great masks out there, but not keen on kids under 10 wearing them. Enough evil in this world without promoting more imo.

It’s a bit shit.

Lol same

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