Gylfi Sigurdsson


If Özil leaves then I think he’d be a great replacement. Not as good but still very good and those set peices :heart:


“Hopefully if I continue doing well for Swansea and Iceland then in the near future, I can play in a big club.”

He played for Spurs, I thought they were supposed to be a “big” club? Guess not.


love him. Sign in a heartbeat, would be a great squaddie.


Everton want him too


I hope we sign him. We need someone to replace Perez as the guy Wenger never plays next season.


Guys a top player, would be a really pragmatic acquisition, much like the attempt at Vardy last summer.


He likes shooting and scoring from midfield. No thanks. :wenger:


He’s a player who will always thrive in the kind of environment that he’s in. His one step up to a big ish club didn’t quite work out and I completely believe any subsequent move would end up the same way.


yes i would have - proven goalscorer in the prem for a lesser team

think he would be a good fit and we would have a player who can take set pieces :slight_smile:


Proven goal scorer in the Premier League for a lesser team holds no weight.


hes a proven goalscorer in a side which is a lesser premier league team - lesser chances on goal

still consistent performer ???

when you hear excuses from our manager or any manager it will taek a player X amount of months to settle into the prem - sigursson wont have that excuse or burden


I like Gylfi.

Swansea would be dead and buried without him.


Yes. But Arsene can cure him, just like with Xhaka and Elneny. :hipster:


But plenty of players have moved from one Premier League club to another and failed. And plenty of proven goal scorers have done the same too.


He’s a very good player in a poor team.
He is definitely worth a punt and wouldn’t need to adjust that much.
It would be interesting to see him at a bigger club with better players.


The first test in the battle of our new Europa League rivals!


I rate him. Don’t think he really got a fair chance at spurs.


Hes big problem is he moves the ball forward… So wouldnt really fit in with our style of play…And he can cross a decent ball, which would confuse many of our players.


plus he can beat the first man at a corner :slight_smile:


He can take corners, score from distance and rarely gets injured.

No Arsenal DNA.