Gylfi Sigurdsson

One of my favourites not very famous players. Would love him here.

I read that too.
I think West Ham might be as well.
If Swansea get relegated there will be a lot of the clubs in the top half of the PL interested in him, I just hope we are one of those clubs.

He doesn’t have a cool enough haircut and he doesn’t even dab, psht do not want.

You say he’d be worth a punt now, but we all know that if we bought him and he was anything less than a roaring success you’d then be complaining about us buying on the cheap and not signing top class.

That’s true but I’m resigned to the fact that this is the sort of level player we are going to be buying, if we sell Ozil and Sanchez.

We are going to need about three decent attacking players, including a striker, if those two do leave, and players like Lukaku and Mpabbe aren’t going to be attracted to a club not playing in the CL, and they are out of our price bracket anyway.
So any player as good as Sigurdsson fits the bill for a price we are willing to pay.

Squad player at a top club but we aren’t really a top club so he’d probably work. It’s the sort of signing that Liverpool would make when they were hovering around 6th/7th.


Is that the contest we’re in these days? What if he does become a roaring success?

I do really like him but I really liked Arteta and Schneiderlin too and it feels like that kind of level.

I’m guessing he wouldn’t cost a ridiculous amount and at his age, he could make a fair number of starts next season and maybe evolve into a squad player if it doesn’t work out.

I can’t say I’d be unhappy with the signing in any way, though not overjoyed either. I’d have him over the likes of Ox though so couldn’t complain.

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Agreed. We really lack depth in that position after Podolski and Campbell left.

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Still remember his stunning free kick against us in 2014, one of the best i have ever seen :smiley:

I don’t understand what you’re asking me.

Arteta was a last minute panic buy and was never really played in his natural position…Wenger has neutralised many a good players career.

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