Granit Xhaka

I won’t get overly lovey dovey like some will on here. But I give him his props for this season. But for me I can’t forget the blunders, red cards and points he cost us either. I think it’s the right move as long as we replace him and don’t go cheap either. Wish him the best but we can do better in that position.

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Lol people really stick on the past, 2 years ago he was an utter shit cunt but his redemption is complete and none of that matters now.

Shame about his mrs wanting to return to germany, reckon he’d stay even with reduced game time otherwise.


Nice redemption story for him last season imo, thanks for everything man, will miss you now.

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I agree, he completely redeemed himself.

I for one will miss this guy, never thought I’d say it 2 seasons ago.


Just another Match Attax card who played for us.
Not getting you many swaps in the playground.

He’s had a nice redemption arc, no way is he a club legend though

Thanks etc.

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If Tierney gets swiftly evicted then I expect the same for Xhaka. :blush:

All for giving a good send off but you can get to fuck if anyone thinks he’s in the same bracket as Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp et al.


I’ve been one of Xhaka’s biggest critics on here. Still can’t forgive him for telling the fans (including me) at the Emirates to fuck off, but have to say he has been brilliant this season, and that earns him redemption. Sadly, we only got the best out of him at the very end of his Arsenal career and that is thanks to Arteta.

I am pleased he is going (assuming the reports are correct) but have to say I did have a tear in my eye today when he was walking round, especially when I saw the banners in the stand, but then I am a big softie at heart. Wish him well for the future and looking forward to upgrading in his position in this summers window.

Why not? You should let it go brother.

I was foaming at the mouth when he did that and threatened to throw the shirt on the floor (although didnt quite) but the guy has more than redeemed himself and I don’t know many fans in person who haven’t come to love him.

He’s not even that bad temper wise anymore, as much as people want to moan about the Liverpool game as if it made a difference.


Because he was our captain and the fans we’re trying to get behind the team when he reacted. A captain should behave differently in that situation. Plus I’m a stubborn fucker sometimes! I am pleased he is leaving on a high after an excellent season though.

Haha fair enough, I thought I was stubborn too but that’s a new level :smiley:

Love him or hate him, can’t help but feel happy for him cause he’s more than redeemed himself this season and is leaving on a high, with some sweet memories for him and the fans. The nastiness of the past might never be completely forgotten but this season has gone a long way making up for that.

And have to applaud his professionalism. There’s a reason why every manager he was under liked him. Wish him the best!


He’s gonna be a much bigger loss than many think unless the club are going all out on the midfield spend this summer. Don’t see how we can get 90+ points and compete on several fronts without 4-5 quality midfielders to choose from.


As long as we bring 2-3 in we should be more than alright. It’s likely to be his influence behind the scenes that will be felt in the short term as by all accounts he’s very active on that front.

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He’s a good leader. His football ability can be easily replaced though I believe.

If we lose Xhaka then we need 2 new midfielders.

Big opportunity to refresh this area of the pitch. Gundogan, Rice, Caicedo…linked to players who will make us better.

Whoever it is, the team will evolve and be a different animal next season.

Xhaka had a lovely final season. Happy for him on a personal level, but moving on him from has been long overdue. Power, mobility, consistent goal scoring threat. That will raise this team’s ceiling considerably imo.


He has had a great season and I think that’s why I put him in one of my top 5 players this season in GC’s poll. Whilst he’s certainly not a player I’ve warmed to during his time here, I think it’s known from a managerial level to his fellow colleagues (players) that they see him as a leader and someone that brings the team together. I think it’s a good time to leave and we as a team naturally progress onto another level with an alternative player.

I think with Jorgi boy in the team, that influencing role might naturally be filled, so I’m not too worried about his departure. 2 quality CM’s are the minimum in my opinion.

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I never thought the day would come when he’d played his last match for us and I’d be thinking that I wouldn’t mind keeping him on for another year. That’s a miraculous turnaround tbh, one I never could have anticipated personally experiencing.

I wish him well in the latter stages of his career, a couple of years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. I wouldn’t have wished ill on him, but I’d have been totally ambivalent about how it went for him from that point onwards.

He’s had comfortably his best season for the club but I don’t think we’ll miss him massively on the pitch (I’m sure he’ll be missed behind the scenes and his leadership role will need to be assumed by others). I think we’ll go into next season with a hugely improved midfield once we’ve done our business.

I won’t celebrate his departure, but I do think it will help bring about an exciting new era in terms of our midfield.