Granit Xhaka

Yeah would be happy for him to stay too. Think some people underestimate his importance - I don’t just mean on the pitch, but off it too. That role will also need replacing, which isn’t easy.


Off the pitch aspect worries me more. We have no true leaders outside of him.

Yeah Gabriel loves a scrap as well and Benny blanco isn’t afraid of standing up to the opposition but it’s not the same.

Xhaka is ingrained in this squad for better or worse and seems hugely popular in the dressing room. Wish he would stay.

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It is the right time for him to leave, and he is the obvious one in the starting 11, where we can upgrade. Don’t disagree with you in respect of the impact he has in the dressing room, but do think we have the likes of Odegaard and Zinny who have done well this season. I also think Rice will have a big impact, (hopefully) coming in as a club captain.

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But why does that mean we have to sell? We’ve almost won the league this season with him starting.

He’s easily useful enough to be here. It’s only if he’s pushing for the exit that we should let him go imo.

I think they key word you said there was ‘almost’. We come close, but we need to strengthen the team further if we are going to go on a win the PL next season. Xhaka’s position is an obvious one where we can upgrade and sign a better player. We either need to be extending his deal, so he doesn’t run down contract, or we need to sell. Arteta and Xhaka have obviously spoken, and Arteta may well have told him that he plans to bring in a new player, aka Rice, and that he won’t be a starter. Xhaka may want a new challenge. Either way, and notwithstanding that he has had a good season, he has been one of the reasons why we have failed to get back into the CL in past years. I genuinely think this is a good time for us to part ways.

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Just clocked, he’s not overtaking Cesc’s appearances, which seemed inevitable really. I was actually worrying he may even end up breaking Vieira’s if he stuck around another few years.

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Would’ve been nice to know for sure if he’s off before Sunday but I guess it’ll be evident by the way he reacts after the game.

Still hoping he stays to backup old deccy boy.

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Same. Been losing sleep over it.


Nah, fuck him. We need good experienced old heads not shit, corner-of-the-pub charlatans.

Some way to sign off. Hopefully adds his third in the second half.


Does Xhaka end his Arsenal career as a cult-hero for you all? :grin:

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Some are even debating club legend status

oh dear, a bit too far hehe :sweat_smile:

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They’re taking the piss. No way is xhaka a club legend.


I’ve seen Arsenal fans have the same debate. I don’t think he belongs in the same conversation with the likes of Vieira, Henry, Ramsey, and Bergkamp tbh


I can think of another word that ends in ‘end’. Granite is closer than that than a legend.

I’d never doubt his commitment though.


Top servant. Hope he wins trophies in Germany and goes to another World Cup with the Swiss.


Seen you sneaking Ramsey in there :rofl:

This season he’s performed at a decent level but before that he was no better than average.

He’s lost us more points than any other player because he lacks discipline and is not top four quality so is easily upgradable, which Arteta should sort out in the window.

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