Granit Xhaka

Someone would, even if they didn’t really believe it. Some trolls would embrace the challenge.

Yeah, was about to say this. Is he allergic to the Champions League?

Maybe he just doesn’t think he’ll play much next season. But still, surely just stick with it for the first season back in the proper European competition.

£15m or whatever it is, is good business for a 30 year old Granit Xhaka when we paid £12m for a Jorghino of the same age.


Jorginho had 6 months left in his deal though.
Pretty good return for Chelsea.

Speaking of Jorginho, I’m wondering what happens with him. If we’re being ruthless he should also be one that should go, however, his knowhow in the CL could be useful.

I wont miss thinking he would get sent off in every game he played :slight_smile:

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Never thought id be annoyed at us selling Granit Xhaka ffs

Why both with the redemption arc only to fuck up the title and then leave. boooooooooo.

Kinda wanted to keep him around for depth but a huge positive is this seems to suggest a strong desire for us to upgrade that spot in our midfield.


I have been one of Xhaka’s harshest critics and I still can’t forgive him fully for his outburst against those of us in the stands at the Emirates. I’ve wanted to see Xhaka moved on, so for me this is excellent news. However, I say that with some regret as I’ve seen the real Xhaka this season, the player I think we thought we bought all those years ago. Unfortunately, his best season with us is going to be his last, but he goes with my best wishes, and I am thankful for his contribution this season. Xhaka was one of the reasons we finished outside the top 4 all these years, but this season he is also one of the reasons we will finish second. Not quite a league title, but he has made some amends.

£13m plus the savings we will make on his contract is important in the context of the business we want to do this summer. His position is an obvious area where we can upgrade. I think this is smart business from Arsenal. We need to all remember the bigger picture here when it comes to our summer transfer business.

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He’s honestly joining a very exciting project. Leverkusen is a really promising team that can only improve. They remind me a lot of us.

It’s actually great recruitment from them to get Xhaka who’s been part of our evolution. His experience will be invaluable to them.


Without question this has been Xhaka’s best season in an Arsenal shirt so him wanting to leave does seem like a blow but in the long term, this might just make sense.

For all the good work he’s done this season, he’s still slow in possession, sometimes costing us a chance for a quick counter (remember one such case against Brighton). Then there’s his short fuse (not so much of an issue this season). And he’s not technically that good. So if we are planning to replace him with someone younger and better, then I see this as a step in the right direction.

I think Mikel would have liked to have had him as an option but Xhaka clearly didn’t feature in his long term plans which is why they didn’t offer to extend his contract. I am all for this and am excited to see who takes his place.

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He’ll be really missed within club. Whatever some fans think of him.

If Arteta is prepared to let him go over a year’s extension clause then I think that means he has big plans for our midfield.


It is very defensive, but the plan could be to give the front three/four much more freedom akin to that Klopp team where Salah and Mane played very high up the pitch.

I rate Caicedo but as I’ve said before SMS or Mount could be a better option as they can play in the eight but offer much more going forward.

I mean if Xhaka is leaving it makes room for SMS, was a bit worried about them playing together given the conflict between Serbia, Albania and kosovo but wouldn’t matter if Xhaka leaves.

Sure they would’ve just gotten on with it anyway tbh (sms played with Hysaj for 2 years now) but never know how they would feel about each other.

I will miss Granit if he actually leaves though :smiling_face_with_tear:

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why? :henry:

Glutton for punishment?



Good player
De facto club captain
Warrior and general nutcase (love it)
Finally had a good season
Would be a great backup option next year




Would think his move gets announced before next weekend so he can get the send off he deserves in his final game here.

Glad we are moving on.

Thanks for last season but it’s time to say goodbye

Our fans don’t like him though

Hope he has a change of heart and stays. Why lose an experienced and reliable leader in the heart of midfield when we have to contend with CL etc. It sounds like they’ve told him he’s unlikely to be an immediate starter so he’s taking up a new challenge but really hope we can convince him and Partey to stick around another year so we can actually add to the squad for once instead of replacing.