Gonzalo Higuaín

Yeh I’m not saying he didn’t bottle it as an international player I’m just saying it doesn’t really discredit his quality for me. I fucking loathe Messi and Ronaldo but I don’t think the fact that neither have won a world cup reflects their professional career at all. Hell I actually think Ronaldo coming off helped Portugal win he Euros, the team played as a unit without the ego.

International football and club football are just completely different games to me. It’s sad but honestly I feel like international football is a dieing facet of the game. Everything is about the ego and money that comes with club football.

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No one else is going to. :santi:

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My favourite #9 the past decade.
Complete striker.

Btw, the whole Higuain being shit for his national team is the biggest excuse people use for Messi’s inability to win stuff with Argentina. Same for Aguero and Di Maria.:joy:

But they don’t mind overlooking this.


Ah so the “GC” in your username stands for Gonzalo Cult?

El Pipita gang all the way.

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The one time Napoli beat us to a transfer lmaoooo agreed tho to have a top goal scorer like that woulda won us the league in 15/16 :sob::sob::sob: Giroud is one in the same with Laca, great backup but never gonna lead the line of a top side.


we never paid 80m for ozil…exaggerate much (unless he means in total with wages etc)

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It really should have been Ozil and Higuain if we wanted to be a serious club again.


Wasn’t it the the same window we were chasing Suarez all summer, and even bid £40,000,001 for Suarez which angered Liverpool. We ended up with Yaya Sanogo as our new striker. A summer to forget.

Fuck was that the same window. Absolute shambles. A top striker would have saw us take a league title.




That’s the biggest flaw of Wenger’s legacy…
Almost… just missing out… close to…

Don’t think Higuain could save us… but I do believe if we just add one more top player to play with Ozil, Sanchez, Santi… fuck… we should have won the league

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This and also thinking we paid 80m for Ozil.
Higuain lost some brain cells along with that hair of his.

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nfi what he is talking about but Tchouamavinga is a surprisingly exciting amalgamation in a world where this type of shit naming is a dime a dozen. I am so curious to see if it works out as well in reality as it does on paper.

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