Gonzalo Higuaín


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Was excited by this until I realized it was a swap deal rumour, sort of pisses on the flames a little bit as they never rarely happen.

We’d still be short upfront if it did happen but you can’t dispute that it would be a move in our favour - not actually that bad for Napoli either tbh.

Please add Walcott, please add Walcott.


My post few hours ago :wenger:

According to Di Marzio, Sarri has just watched Giroud during the final and is convinced to build with him a good attack.

Swap deal; yawn, such a rarity and has changed this rumour into nonsense.

Lose Giroud add Higuaín. Would be a dream come true.


ArseneCuellar is that you?[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:6, topic:233, full:true”]
Lose Giroud add Higuaín. Would be a dream come true.

[quote=“Arsenal, post:7, topic:233”]
ArseneCuellar is that you?
[/quote]It really is AC :arteta:


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I’d like him here, he’s probably our only realistic chance at a world class striker, but it doesn’t make sense if we have to lose Giroud for it to happen.

Welbeck is out for the whole season, so then we’d have to get Higuain AND another striker.

Fuck it, pay £60m for him.

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Some Italian sources saying Wenger is due to meet their president in London on Thursday. Imagine the conversation going something like this…

Wenger “We beleive £40mill for Higuain reflects excellent value for Napoli”

Napoli President “We want £70mill”

Wenger “You see with a £40mill bid this not only covers Napolis initial cost for Higuain but offers them a healthy return on investment for a player who is now two years older”

Napoli President “We want £70mill”

Wenger “We are also prepared to offer Giroud who is off super super quality”

Napoli President “Girouds shit, we just want £70mill”

Wenger “I don’t think you are considering the role of Brexit on the markets and exchange rates”

Napoli President “Just fuck off, no deal”



I still don’t believe this will happen, but multiple reliable journalists now reporting our interest/offer.

There’s something in this for sure, but De Laurentiis still has to accept the offer and Sarri liking Giroud means shit to him, he’s going to be as difficult as ever to negotiate with.

£42m + Giroud is a good offer though.

I don’t know. Higuain, Draxler, Gotze, Benzema, etc. are all easy rumours when we’ve shown interest in the past.

It would be interesting to know Giroud’s value. As much as he frustrates us he has a reasonable goal return, lots of experience, international finalist etc.

If there was some kind of swap, I doubt it would be based on 60m for Higgers and 10 for Giroud.

I’d guess Giroud was around the 25m mark, maybe even 30 these days.

But really, Aguero cost a lot at 35m. Hazard cost a lot at 30m. But now clubs would be overjoyed to pay that kind of money for them. If we paid 60m for Higuain, in 3 years time when there’s another TV deal and sponsorship goes up across the board, nobody is gonna give a fuck about us having spent that kind of money to finally get our striker back in 2016.

Can’t help but be a little excited now.

I’d like to keep Giroud around, but if offering him + smaller fee to Sarri who reportedly likes him is the only thing stopping us from paying some ridiculous 75m fee (we wouldn’t pay that), then you do it. Decent striker out. Superstar striker in.

Can never really have much faith in these type of deals though, and Giroud is one of Wenger’s favourites.

Absolutely no chance. Wenger will be too tight to meet Napoli’s valuation.

Agree Cristo.
Getting Higuain is great, but giving up our striker is not good, since Welbeck could be out for the whole season, and Wenger does not trust Theo as striker anymore.
If we get this deal done, our first team striker department is down to one proper striker again. That is stupid.

Wouldn’t care about losing Giroud if we could get Higuain. He’s pushing on a bit but we’ve been without a class striker for way too long. Swap deals are a rarity even though we get linked with a player swap deal basically every summer.


Rumours of Higuain to Arsenal? It’s like we’ve timetravelled back to 2013 again.

Some quotes from Giroud’s agent to Radio CRC, a Naples based radio station.

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