Gianluigi Buffon

Named in the UEFA team of the year. Deserves his own thread.

The greatest goalkeeper ever and I still think he’s in the top 2 in the world and off the back of last season, the best currently.

At 38, his longevity and consistency is unrivalled in today’s game.

The Buffon appreciation thread :pray:t3::pray:t3:


Best GK in the world. Absolute legend of football.

Can’t believe he started at 17 for Parma. What a legend he is.

Handsome bastard too!! An absolute legend.

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Magnificant goalkeeper. Truly admire those who have been top of their game for so long and still continue to manage high levels of consistency and performances as they near towards retirement.

Not bad either at scoring imaginary goals too, eh @Calum :wink:


Great thread. :+1:


Cech is better.

Don’t really know what he’s done last year to deserve that team of the year spot. Round of 16 CL, Quarterfinals EC. Apparently the logic that sees Ronaldo win the Ballon d’Or (his team winning titles for him) does not apply to goalkeepers.

That’s definitely a good thing if it is the case. What players win with their teams often seems to be way more influential than it should in determining who wins individual honour. Sometimes the best players don’t win the most competitions.

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To certain degree. But in this case, Buffon did not even play in the highest stages of both European tournaments and still is in the UEFA team of the season? And imo the best goalkeepers are more closely matched than outfield players, where it is blatantly obvious who the best player. So, if you’re missing all the fun in the big UEFA tournaments (Buffon got 6 goals in the CL round of 16), how do you distinguish yourself from the other keepers to become UEFA’s best keeper?
Makes no sense.

Casillas is the greatest keeper ever, let’s be real here.

Just bitter cause Leno didn’t get it.


One now plays for Porto in an inferior league while the other still plays for the club he achieved legend status at and is still at the top of his game.

I think what AC is trying to say is; “Casillas is the best goalkeeper under 6 feet, who for extended periods of his career was a fucking liability.” In that category, he might be the one, actually. That being said, the best keeper ever is Toni Schumacher, as any French person will gladly tell you. :giroud:


A true football icon, who will never be forgotten. What a role model too.

Love this pic of him joining a random game of football on holiday campsite :smiley: imagine having Buffon in your team all of a sudden, haha.


Buffon’s consistency over such a long period is just simply outstanding.

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Casillas spent half his career being a liability nobody could ever tell me he’s better than Buffon. His name value is what won him so many awards. Real managers had been wanting to drop him since Capello in 2006 and it only took another 6 or so years but Mourinho did it, Ancelotti continued and then he was finally let him go.

And for those questioning Buffon’s inclusion it’s more the quality of his performances. He broke the Serie A record for consecutive clean sheets, was influential in Italy’s surprising run in the Euros (beat Belgium, Spain and lost a close tie to Germany on penalties), won the Serie A, Coppa Italia and continues to be influential. His performance again Lyon in the CL group stages was a great individual goalkeeping performance.

And he certainly deserved it last year, when it was shockingly given to Neuer ahead of him so if anybody does feel like Buffon doesn’t deserve it it’s a good case of the award levelling itself out.


I wasn’t serious at all about Casillas, he’s not even the 2nd best spanish keeper in the last ten years.

Trolls gonna trolls :henry2:

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