Gianluigi Buffon


I figured after I posted because I remember you not being a huge Casillas fan on the old boards lol. But I can’t help myself, I bite all the time lol


Granted I responded to a specific discussion about Buffon, but mine was totally a general point. I watch basically no Serie A or Juventus so I’m not even slightly in a position to assess whether Buffon deserves the award or not.

So yeah, beyond saying that I think what a team achieves has way too much bearing on how individual honours are distributed, I have nothing to contribute to this discussion in relation to Buffon.


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A true football icon, who will never be forgotten. What a role model too.

Love this pic of him joining a random game of football on holiday campsite :smiley: imagine having Buffon in your team all of a sudden, haha.

Fixed it for ya! :+1: