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Euthanise him

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Can’t believe this mutant only got 5 years. What kind of evil scum gets pleasure from watching torture?

Oh right…Ron Desantis.

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Hopefully someone kills him in prison. Absolute scum

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I know this might be a touchy subject for some, but what do people think of this?

I read about it here in The Netherlands.

Tragic story. I think it’s very hard for us to understand the severity of depression.

People commit suicide because of it. Perhaps if she doesn’t do assisted suicide in the form of euthanasia, she might do it by jumping in front of a train.

I think this is only possible to do and understand if every other avenue including extensive therapy, psychiatry and all support has been exhausted. I rather not ever see it done to especially young people.

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Deciding that there are lives that aren’t worth living is a slippery slope. That woman needs long term care and rehabilitation. No doctor should be signing off on her being euthanised.

In end of life care, I can see a role for assisted dying. But that’s about it.


If I recall correctly there was another case in the Netherlands a little while back where a woman who had been sexually abused so severely that she could never fully recover from the trauma and psychological damage - she saw several different doctors and psychiatrists who in the end signed off her on euthanasia.

Not sure what happened with her in the end, but this is the second case I’ve seen.

I’m OK with it - if all avenues have been exhausted and medical professionals are signing off on it, then fine with me.

Life sucks in a lot of cases and some people really draw the short end of the stick and end up leading miserable existences - why should they be forced to live because other people feel entitled to their life or existence? Why should they be forced to lead a life of institutionalisation and severe medication with serious side effects if they don’t want to and the doctors are saying there’s nothing more to be done?

At the end of the day she’ll just try to do it herself, with a much higher risk of fucking it up and paralysing herself or becoming a vegetable which would be an even worse outcome both for herself and society.


I think it will be abused by the powers at be and lead in this society to the poor just deleting themselves or getting deleted.

Humanity is getting far too big for it’s boots.

Meddling in things it knows less than nothing about, and when it can’t even get the basics right, like ensuring everyone has food to eat and a place to stay, or even a livable planet.

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In the NHS, you’d be lucky if even half an avenue has been explored, let alone exhausted.

And unless you can pay, other countries aren’t much better and healthcare systems are overloaded.

And many medical professionals are dodgy as fuck.
Many aren’t even medical professionals these days but I digress.

This is very risky territory imo

Also we have failed as a species and maybe should all die, if we choose killing people with SLS instead of making their lives even a tiny bit better.

If they attempt or commit suicide then that’s their choice and autonomy. However this involves other people and lends too much legitimacy.

Can at least some of our morals stay?

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This is key.
Back in 2015, I thought I was tired of living, and all it took was a change of job, which changed his lifestyle. Although it was a lot of struggle, I had renewed hope. I’ve never been depressed since.

You must exhaust all options before you truly deem a person without hope. Change jobs, partner, country—whatever it takes.

Fair enough about sexual trauma. I doubt anything can rectify that.

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I can only imagine how quick the NHS would be to sign off on euthanising a patient to get them off the books.

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Her psychiatrist said that there is nothing more they can do for her but what if they’re wrong?

That receptionist that keeps parring you off saying your excruciating abdo pain isn’t bad enough for a GP appointment?

She’s now done a 2 year masters in the ‘medical model’ and has given your hypothyroid and low mood mum a leaflet on how to improve her mood.

Unfortunately the mood is ties to thyroid which hasn’t been picked up so next appointment, the mood is still low.

"I’m sorry but you haven’t engaged and now your mood isn’t responsive to treatment, I prescribe you the electric chair’.


This UK and euthanasia is a laugh.

In our case you get prescribed oxi for a slight headache that’ll have you giving blowjobs for heroin IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!


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So a trending policy in Western-style liberal democracies is euthanisation which means that:

Government’s policy on killing you:

You’ve got the blues :white_check_mark:

You raped a child :x:
you blew up kids at a pop concert :x:
you’re a serial killer :x:


Three of those would be punishments, while the other is a personal choice (no matter how much we might disagree with that choice).

Somebody going out on their own terms is fundamentally different to sanctioned death by your government.


Given that the person who is going to kill you is presumably not going to be charged with a crime, doesn’t that then mean the government has sanctioned - given approval for someone to kill you?

Though, I suppose the opposite could be true. Why would you be ok with the government killing someone for committing heinous crimes but aren’t ok with a supposed “mercy killing” if it’s your own choice - your own life.

(For the record, I would like the gov to kill child rapists and terrorists)

I think you got that the wrong way round :slight_smile:

I believe the opposite of that, just to be clear. I support the death penalty, a big part of the reason being, and I suppose this isn’t a great reason, because of the ease with which people who have committed great evil can end up back on the streets.

That’s why I was glad when people like Shamima Begum and Jack Letts weren’t given passage back to the UK, because I know they’d end up being set free. For me, some “debts to society” can’t be paid to the point of regaining your freedom.

I get that reason, but does the notion of an innocent person being killed and never being able to end up back on the streets again concern you too?