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Domino number three.

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Horrible bastard. Keep him in now until his dying days. Nonce shouldn’t even be sharing the same air as us


I can’t believe he’s

  1. back in England
  2. not already in prison for life
  3. not dead
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Cause they protect him in prison, they know if they left him in a normal cell he wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

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And another bank gets bailed out….



I can’t remember the name of it but the doc on Netflix about the 737 max shows what a contemptible bunch of cunts the Boeing execs are/were. They knew these planes were unsafe and they actively ignored and hid those facts until they had no choice but to address them. And fuck these cunt lawyers too. Don’t care how much money they have I’d hate to earn my living doing this shit.

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Is this the new one about the Malaysia Airlines one that disappeared in 2014?

On my list to watch

No that’s different. Just googled and it’s called Downfall. Give it a go. These people should absolutely be in prison.


Just reitirates my hatred for the company type entity that basically means no one is ever truly responsible. These cunts take their fat paychecks but the worst they’d get in punishment would be losing their job, at which point they’d go and get another one at some other big company anyway.


The test is expected to take place in the early evening of 23 April.

Phone users will have to acknowledge the alert before they can use other features on their devices.

A message will appear on the home screens of people’s devices during the test, with vibration and a loud warning sound that will ring for about 10 seconds, even if the phone is set to silent.

That’s a bit excessive and is probably gonna panic some people.
Here in Portugal due to the regular occurance of wildfires we get a text message if the fire is within 100 kms and even then you can see the smoke from miles away and start to prepare yourself

Definitely its fucking loud :joy::joy:

We have had this in NZ for like 10 years or more. It was used frequently during Covid to announce changes in restrictions etc but also had it with Tsunami warnings.


Decent summation of the last 20+ years.

Yeah, we’ve had them here for about ten years, phones, TVs, radio. They’re mainly for severe weather alerts or warnings - tornados, and such.

For some reason all I can think of regarding these alerts is someone hiding from a roaming gunman in a terrorist attack only to have this alert blasting out their phone.

I had a similar alert on my phone during the pandemic when I signed up to the volunteer scheme. It only went off a couple of times but it scared the shit out of me on each occasion.

What a headline.
But I’m glad that all his fans are delighted. :grinning:

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