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Israel bombing on Palestinian territory, killing 9.

I’ll wait for the sanctions to be imposed.


How many more innocent Palestinian people need to die and how many more illegal settlements need to be built before the world takes action.

The world won’t take action. We all know why. :slight_smile:


It’s anti-Semitic to criticise the Israeli genocide of Palestinians

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I have ashkenazi roots on my mother’s side (although technically I am not considered Jewish, because it must be passed on from the maternal side, my grandfather was Jewish) from Eastern Europe. My ex girlfriend is fully Jewish. Fortunately, not all Jewish people support what is going on in the Middle East.

Unfortunately the Israeli tend to vote in far right nationalists and these are the consequences. No dialogue, just terrorism.

I understand the plight of the Jewish people and to have a land they call their home. But, enough is enough, the Palestinian people deserve their own land whatever borders have been agreed upon now should be respected.

I am completely understanding of the Palestinians and their anger towards Israel and the continuous Western silence and support of Israeli actions.

Israel is continually expanding its territory by confiscating Palestinian homes on Palestinian territory. They bully, terrorise, imprison and kill those who dare to stand for their land and rights.

And nobody does anything. A foreign occupation of Palestinian territory for decades. I see no Palestinian flags flying in Europe, I see no warm welcoming of Palestinian refugees, I see no sanctions imposed. I see silence and complicity.


Im sure the world doesn’t take sanctions because so many Israeli companies are invested in so many worldwide industries, technology and medicine for instance that every country will suffer.
The point about Palestinian flags not being flown I think you’ll find countries that have been invaded or have been illegally settled in the past are fully in support of Palestinian, even football clubs have been flying flags


Maybe Palestine should ask for a few tanks.


That’s what I mean. Money talks, crime walks.

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The Irish would probably say “you’re welcome”


I’m convinced. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For those who live in the UK, what are the effects of brexit in your real life? In terms of living standard?

Made everything worse

Apart from farming and agricultural policy maybe.

More shortages. More expensive.

Anyways let’s just overturn it

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Importing goods from the UK is a headache now and became unprofitable for me. Now there is an import duty which leads to less import. Postage too. This was before the inflation of last year.

I was just wondering from a perspective of those who live there how it actually is. I wonder what brexiteers were thinking would be the outcome? Long term?


Yeah I used to have things delivered to me from the UK, but have stopped now as everything gets stuck in customs for weeks then I receive a letter telling me I’ve got to pay custom fees.

Everything gets blamed on Putin and the invasion.
We don’t have enough journalists with integrity or balls to report this sort of stuff.
We just live in a bubble and get wound up on Harry and Meghan.
We know our place mate and not rocking the boat.


What’s that supposed to mean?

United States

Show this article next time someone blames it on the invasion.

The severity of that crisis was underscored by the International Monetary Fund, which forecast this week that Britain will be the world’s only major economy to contract in 2023, performing even worse than heavily blacklisted Russia.

The only major economy to contract in 2023. Performing even worse than heavily blacklsited Russia.

I mean that’s some achievement :sweat_smile: I think it’s fair to say Brexit has been a disastrous decision.

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