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She absolutely has to go to prison with men. She is a biological male. Her sex is what should determine what prison she ends up serving her sentence in


The only solution I think is to put her with men since those facilities will have separate sections for sex offenders.

I’m not even sure what they do with women sex offenders since they are rare.

yeah I was reading on Fair play for Women website that only 3% of women prisoners are sex offenders versus 20% of the male prison population so this raises a lot of concerns. Women have been sexually assaulted by trans women before, the case of karen white for example. I was also reading an article about a rapist in a Scottish prison called Albert Caberello who is trying to get moved to a female prison. Surely the best option is to have a transgender wing or maybe even a transgender prison if we note that both women and trans people could be vulnerable. Mind you, prisons deal with vulnerable people all the time, so you’d expect risks to be properly reduced anyway. That’s why prisons and sports are the least concerning when discussing this topic.

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Absolutely men

Imagine writing poetry or novels nowadays. :crazy_face:

Basically, when everything is deducted to the core biology, she is a he. :man_shrugging:t4:

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It’s an interesting discussion because custodial rehabilitation is an area where there are clear differences between men and women generally. It’s clearly inappropriate to place a male violent offender in a women’s facility for a variety of reasons.

The big question with all the gender stuff is how far society should go to affirm someone’s gender reality, this is the area of contention.

In this case the person is a man and should be treated as such imo

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Is it feasible to set up a couple of units for trans people at a couple of prisons around the country and send the relevant prisoners there?

Cos I don’t think you can have a trans woman sex offender in with other women, but conversely, trans women, not specifically sex offenders, but trans women generally, face a lot of victimisation when locked up with men.

More needs to be done about sexual assault and rape in prison generally. Aside from when its a trans woman assaulting a biologically female prisoner, the general attitude seems to be that people (I guess I mostly mean “men” when I say “people”) getting raped in prison is some sort of joke, “don’t drop the soap” etc. In recent years the attitude towards men getting raped in prison has become something that bothers me.

You can’t talk about how women being raped is a societal ill and an ultimate evil and then make light of it when men are the victim, not if you want to be even slightly consistent anyway.


TV series Oz deal with this point very well throughout.

I agree with your point though. Prison should be a place where rape or assault is acceptable part of the retributive aspect of prison.

I’ve seen people usually agree except in the case of rapists who, they argue, should experience some of the trauma they put their victims through. I don’t know how I feel about that point because I despise rapists two wrongs don’t make a right.

There is. it’s a wing for the most violent trans prisoners at downview prison. 3 people in it as of 2019.

It’s not really a conversation people have, is it. I’d imagine most people would be supportive of any measure that minimises that risk.

I think the reason so many people (I guess me included) even care about this stuff is because you’re doing risk assessments on the information given. It’s like what is being asked and then to what extent will it be exploited by bad faith actors and or people with mental health issues. If the risk was extremely low it would be easy to broadly support. The tricky thing for trans is that affirmation isn’t just a case of hey live your best life, end of discussion like it is with being gay or lesbian. It actually requires society to reset some of its often sensible norms. Being gay or lesbian doesn’t ask society to do anything or change anything.

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Rape is a disgusting crime which should always be condemned, regardless of who the victim is.



New one for the dangerous dog act bill.

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They’ll have to introduce barkground checks too.


Wonder if it used a muzzle?


Police are looking for leads.


“Accidental”…or so they say… :saliba:

Shame that’s not the case in Scotland where a convicted rapist is now saying they’re a woman and will be remanded to a women’s prison.

Which we all seem to agree is not ideal, allowing convicted rapists to be in a prison full of potential victims.

Tbf to the prison authorities they are aware of the risk and this is from the article posted earlier in the thread.

BBC Scotland understands Bryson is being sent to Cornton Vale women’s prison in Stirling but will not be held alongside the jail’s general population.

A risk assessment will then be carried out to decide where Bryson should go after that.

Perhaps it’s something they haven’t had to face before? And they just need a bit of time to figure it out.

In case of any doubt, I completely agree with the consensus here. There is no scenario where this person should end up in the general population of a women’s prison.

Seems Government has got a new policy in the pipeline:

Could still be revised potentially. Could do with the ‘exceptional circumstances’ bit being removed since they say in a further part of the policy that in some circumstances someone could go to a special independent unit anyway.

Not sure about the first part, since a lot of trans people never get bottom surgery, only top.