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When utility companies were publicly owned it was cheaper, non profit making, and more efficient.

Just because a utility company is owned by the tax payer doesn’t mean it’s run by the government, it’s run the same people it was when it was a public company, except the owners are different.

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Adhern steps down as NZ PM, laters Witch.

You shock me Aussie, l was sure you’d be a big fan.

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I feel so bad for him.

I do think it’s odd to level criminal charges at him. Do actors routinely have the responsibility and expertise to check whether their prop guns have live ammunition in them?

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He was the producer of the film which is why he’s being held partially responsible

I didn’t know that, but even so, surely if he’s being held accountable then everyone senior in the production of the film should be charged.

I honestly don’t have an opinion on the case just remember reading that’s why he was charged

“I have determined that there is sufficient evidence.”

This seems to be how the system is meant to work, he can make his case in court. If it’s as simple as people seem to believe then he’ll get off.

But if he’s the producer he may be on the hook for the safety of everyone on set. He might have had a role in some negligence, we don’t know.

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5 years is just too much even if there was negligence at play.
At the end of the day, he did hire an individual who was supposed to be responsible for safety related to arms.

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The shooting was the last part of this story, and had he just been there as an actor I don’t think he would be charged with anything. And if he were, I’d think that was unfair as well.

He’s being charged because he was responsible for hiring someone who had no experience other than her father was a famous armourer in the industry.

He’s being charged because in the weeks leading up to this incident, there were so many red flags that he ignored. There were multiple complaints about safety on the set which went unheeded.

Even if someone else fired the gun, he would still be culpable for the reasons above. That he was the one who shot the gun just made everything worse for him.


We are still talking about 5 years of sentence.
That’s excessive despite all that context.

If it can be proven that his negligence was the primary factor in that woman being killed, then it’s not excessive at all.

Production should have been halted the moment any of those red flags appeared, and not resumed until they were confident that all the safety concerns were addressed and resolved.


Stuntmen were resigning in droves due to safety issues on set and the incident wasn’t even the first one regarding the unsafe handling of a firearm on set - apparently there was another misfire earlier on which caused the stuntmen and other crew to resign


It was a mess. And this tragedy was very avoidable.

America just loves shooting

Totally. I don’t understand why they use real guns in movies - replicas fool experienced cops, shouldn’t be difficult to fool the average guy. Fuck me, everything else is a fake in movies.

Very sad to hear. Hope they all recover

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Bit of a mess.

Do they get put in with the other men, since the crimes were committed before the change?

Or do you put a convicted rapist in with other women?