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I think it’s less an intentional distraction as it is an intentional provocation. There’s clearly heightened tensions between the U.S. and it’s allies and China and it’s allies. Each prodding the other one.

China’s current realestate crash is probably seen by the U.S. State Department as an opportunity to score against the opposing team.

I don’t understand why it’s bad she visited Taiwan?

China should fuck off

Lol regardless of one’s position on China or Taiwan, I think we all know why it’s ‘bad’.

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$50 million. I imagine this cunt can drum that up. Let’s hope all the other parents pile on and totally ruin the bastard.


I thought it was way over the top, but I’m not surprised by these US payouts.

Hope it financially ruins the hideous cunt.


Those are punitive damages. They’re designed to be a punishment. He wasn’t just spreading the lie that these murdered kids were crisis actors, he was profiting from it. I hope this ruins him.


I’m glad he’s being punished, but I still think it’s a gross amount. I hope they give it all the charity.

If it was me, I wouldn’t want his money.

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Yeah I mean that was heinous what he did, and fuck it the parents should go for whatever justice they can.

Your kid dies in a school shooting and this guy calls you a liar on line TV to invite his followers and then you get harassed? Bro


Absolutely deserved punishment.
He is a cunt who knew he was spouting lies but didn’t care what it meant for family members of those who lost their lives.


How else can they get him to stop though? They can’t get Congress to pass a law banning his podcast so this is the next best thing. If they bury him financially he’ll be unable to reach that audience.

I can’t imagine losing a child period and the idea that some Christofascist potato with a microphone is going to claim that I’m a crisis actor and my kid wasn’t real? Fuck off. No way. I wouldn’t even want the money, I’d just want to ruin him. And I hope it does.


He stopped years ago. I remember before the pandemic he admitted he was wrong.

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Reminds me of this guy: Former Federal Prisoner Claims to be Most Litigious Person | Prison Legal News

He claimed psychosis in a deposition in 2019 which is completely different thing than admitting he was wrong.

He recently admitted in court that it was real.

He was recently talking shit about one of the plaintiffs on his show during the trial. His behavior was totally reprehensible. The fact he made money off of it is even worse.

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No amount of money awarded against him would have been too much.

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These right wing hacks tout free-market as the solution to everything, but when it comes to doctors and healthcare, want the opposite. Hypocritical cunts


Imagine being forced into a shit job for fear of losing medical insurance and being one medical emergency away from complete bankruptcy.

Be VERY afraid of American style private healthcare.

Why not the European style? Where you get your own and the government supplements parts of it??

We already have private health insurance in this country.

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At least staff get compensated for that.

But I agree, having to get prior authorisation for investigations from some insurance company moron who has no clue what you’re talking about would be grating.

I am so done with this shit NHS. either complete reorganisation and proper good conditions for patients and staff, or fuck off.

It is truly the worst system.

It’s a maze of complex rules that only serve to benefit the most wealthy.

Working for the state I have what’s considered good insurance because the state employs so many people that it can negotiate favorably with insurance carriers. But even just navigating the forms and cards and sites to make sure you see an “in network” provider is a pain.