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And the general news is that I love all you folks. Just don’t let nonsense pollute your mind :slight_smile:

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As long as that opinion is to fire him out of a cannon.

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Aimed at the Palace for collateral damage.

These fucking cunts.

The higher up Taliban guys daughters are all being educated in Qatar, UAE no problems.

Just the poor girls on Afghanistan get fucked.

This doesn’t even benefit them and it’s effort to be vindictive backward dickheads. And they’d get some more international sympathy and support for their famine.

They are actually going out of their way to be cunts and screwing themselves to be that.


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This is so bizarre. I’m sure in a year we’ll have a ten-part podcast series about it.

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Serial really fell off afterwards the first season

Imagine not being an Andrew Tate guy and investing the amount of energy that you have and continue to.


I left it after last night and you came back and started it all off again this morning.

Imagine being that person lol.

Did anybody else play Tom Clancy’s GRAW as a kid?


Sheesh! Mexico is a full on narco state thanks to America’s insatiable hunger for drugs.

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This annoys the hell out of me. How media focuses on the gangs themselves, instead of the reason they exist - Middle and upper class people who use a recreational drug and willingly pay top dollar for it. The same people want to build walls, stop immigration and they can’t put 2 and 2 together.


I’m sure they still have their hands in the cocaine market, but actually what they mainly produce nowadays are meth, fentanyl and heroin. Substances that you can really get people hooked on.

And they are not drugs of the middle and upper class.


I’d go a step further and say the issue is actually mostly caused by the prohibition of drugs, and specifically the war on drugs, more than anything else. There will always be a demand for intoxicants, and always has been, but it doesn’t follow from that that cartels and narco states must therefore exist as a consequence of the demand.


Maybe there should be a border wall between America and Mexico to stop the drug trafficking :arteta:

One of the things that I’m really worried about is the likely corporatization of recreational drugs. Maryland has struggled with implementing medicinal cannabis permits, the cap on how many permits are issued and the allegations that the permits are being handed out in some cozy deals.

I do think there should be increased legalization and more of a focus on studying stuff like cannabis or even mushrooms to see if scientists can manipulate it in ways that may be beneficial.