General Football Transfer Fees


Imagine how packed the Chelsea training ground will be. 37 players currently out on loan.


The loan system was designed with good intentions but modern football has completely distorted its use. At this point, the cons have far outweigh pros imo.

The loan system in its current state distorts fair play values in football and is abused by top clubs.

If you abolish the loan system tomorrow top clubs will stop hoarding young talent and those players will get chances to play and develop.

It’ll force clubs who have previously relied on loan players to actually put effort into developing their own talent and as a result, those clubs will have a stake that player’s growth.

I’d ban buyback/first refusal clauses too


I kind of agree with you – certainly on the stock piling. But wouldn’t introducing some sort of quota be a fair compromise?


A quota that allows clubs to engage in only 3 loan deals per season (in and out combined) is something I’d support.


Agree with what you are both saying @SRCJJ @sevchenko

I like the concept of loan system in football, but it has definitely been exploited. Chelsea are an obvious culprit, bit even smaller clubs such as Udinese and Watford have successfully exploited the system.

And yes, they should totally ban the ridiculous buy back clauses which big teams unfairly use to limit risk when selling mostly younger players.


The Mbappe deal made a mockery of everything this season really.


I don’t like how it currently is, where a player comes through an academy and then goes on 3 or 4 loans before they get sold to a weak team or maybe get a shot.

Also people say the quality of the reserve league is too weak and it’s too big a gap to go from that to the PL without loans to lower league clubs but IMO it’s so weak because a big club might have 5 of their best 7 U21s out on loan at any given time.

I think the model where a big club buys an 18 year old in the hope of maybe using them when they’re 22 and they can be out of the club for 3 years is wrong. If all these players were bought by clubs at their level and then sold to bigger clubs that would make more sense to me. If Chelsea want that player they can buy him at 22.