Gabriel Jesus (9)

This guy would improve us and if Laca and Nketiah are both off we have to sign another striker as well so it’s not like we have to rely solely on him. Plus his name is ripe for all sorts of dad-joke level puns. Sign him up.

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It’s why I refuse to watch his hype skill videos on YouTube yet because there’s nothing worse than when you’re watching little red and white players getting torn apart by said skill merchant


wtf :bellcry:

I honestly expected you to be Jesus fan @oompa.

Martin Terrier wouldn’t be a bad shout for a striker if we’re looking for a cheaper option.

What do we want a dog for? Named Martin no less. :grin:

but how are we supposed to close the gap on Man City if our response to them buying fucking Håland is to… buy their third choice reject in the same position? :sweat_smile:

He has pros, I assume Arteta knows him very well so I will interpret this as it being his choice 100%. He isn’t exactly a good goal scorer, barely scrapes 10 a season for league bullies Man City, nothing whatsoever says he’ll do better here to me, but that responsibility is supposed to mainly come from wide so unless buying him interfers with buying a better goal scorer for the L/R side it’s fine. He also knows how to play Aretetaball if anything and will surely contribute to our play.

I wouldn’t buy him for market value but would take him on the cheap I guess, but you need to remember: the name of the game is not to improve the current squad, is to improve it more than everyone around us improves their squad in at the same time.


Tbf, Liverpool signed that Chelsea reject Salah and he turned one of the best players in the world.
City signed that Chelsea reject De Bruyne and he also turned out one of the best players in the world.
Chelsea signed that Man Utd reject Lukaku and he turned out one of the…oh yeah he’s shit.


well Salah went to Roma and De Bruyne to Germany and don’t confuse possible with probable :pepe1:

It’s not terrible, we haven’t got a single striker who could hit space from a satellite rn, we need something, I just wonder if we could do better.

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No reason to believe this would be us finished in terms of strikers. Auba’s, gone Lacazette will follow as might Nketiah.

Really would not surprise me if this was one of two.

It will be one of two.
The plan is to sign 2 forwards, 1 midfielder and 1 full back as things stand.

I didn’t realize he only has one year left on his deal.

We might be able to get him for something like 25-30m and with very reasonable wages in the 100-120k per week range (the previously linked article mentioned 6m euro per year).

It would be a no brainer at those numbers really.


If it’s Jesus and DCL is that a success?

It’s certainly two different profiles. It doesn’t read quite as nice as Jesus and Osimhen/Darwin though but it does sound more realistic.

I haven’t lost all faith in DCL just yet but he’s really caught in limbo with how woeful Everton have been. The news that we’re cooling our interest in DCL is probably the right approach imo. Where he’s at now as a player I’d happily sit and wait.

It’s not often a club or a manger get the opportunity to complete revamp the spear of their attack, we can’t be hasty. The Jesus move, the money, wages, price etc, it all reads good business to me- though football rarely works out like that anyway

Welcome Jesus


Outta nowhere!

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My propaganda from last year is paying dividends a year later. Are we signing Buendia too? Somehow gonna end up with Merino/Saul? What about Varane and Raya?

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So Edu was in communication with Jesus and his people while we were booting Auba and his wages out the door.


Martinelli, Magalhaes and Jesus next season…

Add Douglas Luiz in the mix: