Gabriel Jesus (9)

And how many did he play at CF?

Stat wise Persie at CF for two season out unumbered everyone in the league.

Nah, that isn’t clutch, the whole point is it happens when it matters. It’s an American term and no one says Steph Curry is clutch if he drains a 3 pointer in the first quarter.

That definition you got from somewhere is shit.



Basketball has so many events that points scored in the middle of the game won’t make for great moments.
However with football, you could score a monumental goal in the 1st minute and it would be good enough to win the game.

You can’t tell me Salah’s solo run dribbling past City’s players to score the winner is not clutch because he scored it in 75th min, rather than 89th min.

The term clutch definitely works better in basketball as there are far more opportunities for individuals to make matchwinning contributions in a game whether that be a free throw, shot on the buzzer ir three pointer. Isn’t clutch simply making telling contributions, at key moments (on the biggest stages)?

Soon as we are in the Gabby Jesus thread - it is fair to say that he is not clutch. His dancing goal vs United, when the game was already won was enjoyable icing on the cake. No winning goals vs our title rivals in the last two seasons.

75th minute is late in the game though. Your other example like the RVP goal vs Spurs isn’t clutch, that was in like the 50th minute or something.

Again, you just picked some great moments but not every great moment is clutch.

Alright, fine, it was also an equaliser, not a winner. I will take that RVP goal back. That was more of a player creating something out of nothing. It was a crucial goal & a great trait for a striker to be able to do that.
But I am fine with it not being considered clutch.

He’s looking like a squad man at the minute. Sort it the fuck out. Martinelli or Trossard please if this continues.


Needs to be replaced in the summer. It’s gone beyond a knee-jerk response/feeling now. He’s not cutting the mustard, it’s time to replace with a better option.

I think he heard the cries!

World class touch and dribble there.


still want him shipped out

Good positioning from Jesus - provided the width which we lacked. Direct approach and dribble got him the penalty, good stuff.

We don’t know if he is carrying underlying injury, or lacks game sharpness but he is definitely a better player.

That’s what I’m starting to think. He’s barely played and still doesn’t look fit to me.

Please finish a chance one of these days

That would make sense. Maybe his knee really isn’t quite stable?

Yes I think his knee is still an issue. I recall he had a “small procedure” to sort out his knee problem and this was after his major surgery when suffering from ACL 2022. There is no doubt that since post ACL 2022 he isn’t the player he was during first half of last season.

It’s the same with Saka, he’s been doing fairly well but even Arteta told us last week that he is carrying a knock. Tomiyasu was badly out of form and we thought he was whack, but poor fella lost his mother during that period.

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Havertz has snatched his chain


Nah, he was pretty good, especially out of possession. Covered for Zinchenko one too many times.

Won an important penalty that got us ahead and changed the game.


must replace in the summer. Not even half the player he was before his first injury.