Funny Brian Clough Story

Another interesting thing…people remember Clough as a great manager…as a player he nearly managed a goal a game


Best british manager ever

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Definitely best English manager and I won’t argue otherwise but did you listen to the full story to get the punchline mate? lol

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Lol arm around the mother in law

Not trying to trigger but Paisley was better and Fergie trumps the two of them. Id have Jock Stein in the mix as well.

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Both Ferguson and Paisley were more successful but what Clough did was more amazing.

For people that don’t know, who took Derby, who were near the bottom of the equivalent of the Championship and, within a couple of seasons, got them promoted and go on to win the League title.
He also got to the semi finals of the European Cup but lost to some very dodgy refereeing decisions.

He then went to Nottingham Forest who were again a lower level equivalent of the Championship club and did the same.
They got promoted then won the League, then won the European Cup and went on to retain it the following season.

To put this into context, it’s like taking over Derby and Nottingham Forest now and doing the same, except Derby are a lot stronger than they were back then.

As good and successful as other managers have been, I dont see how this achievement could possibly be repeated, certainly not with two different clubs.

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Paisley record is superb though and rivals the very best. In 8 seasons 6 titles and 2 second place finishes.
3 European cups and a UEFA cup and 3 League cups. He was a deflected goal away to the treble that united done in 99 with a much smaller squad.
Paisley will always be the best England manager of all time. How he turned Ray Kennedy from top forward to left side midfielder was top class.

Yes, it was immense but it was before the advent of the super club so was more achievable. Back then smaller clubs could win European trophies and it was more of a level playing field. Not to detract too much as it’s still immense, but more possible then than now.

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Paisley inherited a very good side from Shankley though. They’d won the League, Fa Cup and UEFA Cup in the 2 years before he took over

Took that team team to another unheard of level though. That club under him was the first real modern day dominating club of its time.
cant underestimate him as he was the first manager to win 3 european cups. Only Ancelotti and Zidane have done that since.

I’m not sure that’s true, both Ajax and Bayern won 3 CLs back to back. Liverpool had already won the UEFA Cup and winning a UEFA Cup back then was arguably as hard as winning the European Cup/CL. They did improve from Shankley’s side but the experience of getting knocked out of Europe and playing different sides with different styles helped them adapt their own style of play.

I watched a few highlights of his teams. They weren’t amazing skillful, but they pressed with loads of intensely, passed and moved and picked their passes well. The 87/88 under Daglish was definitely their best attacking side from that era. Perhaps that side was even better than the Great Milan side of the 80s. They would of won more European Cups though if it weren’t for the ban.

Michels was manager for Ajax first european cup and udo Lattek was in charge for Bayerns first of three.
Your right about the adaption of style but it had to be implemented and Paisley done that with knowing what he needed player wise.
He found and developed some of the best in British history here. Dalglish replaced the star of the club Kevin Keegan and turned out a better player.
Alan Hansen being partnered with Lawrenson was one of the best CB pairings of its time. Ian Rush from Chester turned out a gem of a signing.
Bought and enhanced the talent of Souness who probably defined the image of the club and was a stand out leader and captain in the mould of a Keane, Adams, Terry.
Man had a lot of humility but some great vision and IMO this was the man England should have turned to in the early 80s instead of Ron Greenwood.

Brian clough was a top manager but Peter Taylor really should always be mentioned when discussing his Success.
He was his right hand man at both clubs when they were winning major honours. The Leeds job When taylor didnt go lasted 40 odd days.
After Taylor left Clough won one League cup and eventually got Forest relegated.

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It isn’t though, it’s totally different to doing it today because of the money in the game.

Both were obviously amazing achievements by Clough and Taylor (you need to mention Taylor too), but someone doing it today would be outdoing what Clough did.