All that hardwork last season to truly fuck it all up this season. Should have never appointed him in the first place.

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He’s probably had enough, that defence is midtable Championship level.

Comedy hour every week.

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How did they get promoted with it tho?! :joy:

Once lucky, you can’t always get lucky. Good average manager who had a fantastic season with Leicester and nothing more.

And he’s gone…

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Good appointment for the Championship. They can start building for the next season.

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Not all his fault tho. The club just throw money about in the summer buying any player they could get their hands on hoping it be enough to keep them up


There was only one way this was ending no way was it going to work with how desperate they were in the summer.

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Everything about Fulham this season has screamed desperate.


They’ve now had more managers than away points this season :rofl:

Utter shambles.


You would have thought they learned from there last PL season in 2013/14 when they went through three managers and got relegated but they just done the exact same :rofl:

Blew a shit ton of money too.

Exquisite fuckery

I fell for it, in July I thought Fulham’s spending would be more than enough to keep them away from relegation.

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I find it interesting that people are aiming at Ranieri more than Fulham in this. This is clearly a piss poor side and they were doomed before he got there. I’m not sure many managers would have saved them.


The worst thing is that they wasted more money this time. They basically did a Sunderland this season.

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Big shame, I really like Fulham as a club.

Poorly run management from Khan tbh. Ran before they could walk.


Ranieri never should’ve taken the job, I hope his reputation hasn’t been too damaged unnecessarily.

I don’t really wanna blame Jokanovic either as I don’t think he deserved to lose his job, but the fact remains Fulham were poor defensively last season even in the Champo, conceding a goal a game

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I know it’s just a coincidence, but it doesn’t make for good reading for Calum Chambers, who has played for two clubs in the PL that have been relegated (Fulham not down yet I know), while out on loan again :grimacing:


His saving grace this time is that he’s been playing in midfield rather than a godawful defence that has really killed their season.

Essentially, it’s poor planning from the top and a total disgrace to get rid of the manager that got the team up in the first place. If the board had reservations about how their manager deploys a shoddy defence, than they should have been proactive in assigning a competent manager rather than spunking a shed load on 100+ players.

Fulham have set themselves far back I doubt we see them again for a long time. Had a Derby, Swindon, QPR level of failure.
Got it wrong from the start and the investment will cost them and have a knock on event for years to come.
Offer nothing anyway to be bothered about.