Fulham Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 0-3

Yeah I don’t buy for a hot second his most recent quotes about Arsenal.

He better not turn into Lev Yashin for no good reason on Sunday.


You always want to perform your best against your old team. Its human nature cant hold that against him. I’d be the same :joy:

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So a toss up then whether we go with Nelson or ESR.

Given ESR seems like he can’t last more than 45 mins I’d say Nelson will get the nod.

We need to match whatever City do at Palace here, so if City win this evening we have to do the same.

Hope that we score first. Fulham won’t sit back against us. 3-1 Arsenal but it won’t be easy.

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There’s no doubt it’s a massive game , I’d like Leno to have a Martinez inspired meltdown , beating Leno isn’t the problem, it’ll be keeping out Fulham’s attackers .,
Big game .

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Yep, sorry, this is the guy I meant but when writing it I couldn’t think of his name.

They dont have the neutral section anymore mate, got rid of it I believe.

With Odegaard possibly not playing and Nketiah out, this game won’t be easy, especially with our defence being a bit leaky recently, so Fulham might get something out of this.
I’ll go 2-2 with Saka and Saliba to score.

Odegaard still sick?

No way

Safe to say we’re fucked.

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Yup. No forwards available.

I’ll take a draw.

That’s so frustrating. Fulham aren’t great shakes despite their position in the table and as per usual we have an injury crisis in one area of the team.

I’ll take a draw if Man City don’t find a way past Palace in the next 45 mins.

I’d also take having 3 forwards out over 3 defenders but it’s going to require a huge effort from those who played in attack in midweek. We really need ESR to find form quickly.


He will, mate.

He’ll be that metaphorical “like a new signing” player as the season goes on. I’m certain of it.


The only concern with him is health. He was getting in the right spaces against Bournemouth, he was just a little slow imo.


Is this still a free hit tomorrow?

Nothing is a free hit from here on out.


It was never going to be a free hit unfortunately. We’re only ever going to be in that situation if Haaland breaks his leg or something.

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No every game is must win.

I hate and love it equally