Fulham Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 0-3

Sunday 2023-03-12T14:00:00Z
Craven Cottage

Lets keep our winning run (and mine) going. Fulham away will be trickier than it has been before but still fancy us to pull through. COYG :red_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Fulham win

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1-2 Arsenal, which would be a very good win.


Not as confident after team changes in midweek and no Trossard in the mix.
1 1 and hope for city to draw at Palace.


A win would feel massive, but a draw is the sensible bet.

It’s weird because we don’t play for draws. Something’s gotta give


I’m thinking similarly, last night I put a fiver on a double, both City and Arsenal to draw.


Fingers crossed Jesus is on the bench.

Don’t think we can rely on Jesus until after the break


Dare I say it…just in time for Easter

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i hate to say this, but i feel like we could very well drop points here. I don’t think they will beat us but we have to be at the top of our game to get 3 points and at the moment we seem to be flagging a bit so i am going for a draw 1-1.


I’d like to see us change tactics slightly and focus a bit more on trying to keep a clean sheet. I don’t see us having the energy and options in attack for another comeback if we go down so I’d keep it a bit tighter than usual first half and try to find a goal on a set piece or an opportunistic attack.

This would be a great match for a Big Gabi header or an Odegaard free kick goal, neither of which we’ve seen in a while, then a gritty second half defensive performance and 1-0 to the Arsenal.

I might start Tierney (if recovered) or Tomiyasu at LB and bring on Zinny only if we go down.

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Really fancied this one Sunday. Not enough credits so missed out on a ticket
Been asking around for a spare but to no avail.

With them missing the big lad in the middle I think we will have enough to beat them but can understand the caution about 3 points

IDK, I watched their match against Brentford and they weren’t playing electric stuff or anything like that.

Presumably we won’t have to worry about Gabriel or Saliba ducking under a corner so we should at least have that handled.

sorry Leno, we gotta win this.
3-1 Arsenal


Need to play cleaner defensively… can’t afford to give up stupid set piece or suicidal goals… reckon this will be a tight affair with us dominating possession… can we unlock them early enough to change the game?

Going for an old-fashioned one nil to the Arsenal.

Mitrovic? Is he injured?

Ooh really? That makes life much easier.

We struggle vs target man types this season.

DCL, Toney.

Mitrovic played last weekend and I don’t see any news on him getting injured again.

Palhinha, the main man in their midfield.

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Are the home ends all sold out? Do they still have that neutral section as well?

This is not an easy game .
Last Saturdays euphoria had been and gone.
Forgot it , yes , I’ve watched it a few times but Fulham is a different game.
Leno with something to prove .
We can’t tick three points off beforehand , it’s a foolish answer let alone a question.
This title is in our hands , make no bones about it but it’s down to the players to find that extra motivation.