Fulham Vs Arsenal (PL)


  • Fulham Win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal Win

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I love a good, full arse.


Fulham have been poor this season, especially as they have spent so much, and even though we haven’t been playing that well, we have been on the best run for a long time so it will be close.

I don’t see them winning but it will be a close game.
I’ll go for us to win 1-0 but it could easily be a low scoring draw.

Too bad Chambers cant play this :santi:

You also love when the arse is full ? :henry2:

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Can’t believe just under two months into the season we are finally wearing one of our away tops. Last season we wore them any opportunity we could!!


We should wear the third kit horror show. Scare/blind the opposition.


I prefer that to the away hah

Never forghetti :gabriel: :gabriel:


I’m trying to forget. I feel sad our GOAT third was part of our worst seson in absolute years tho :disappointed:

It deserved much better

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Stick the time and date in the OP ffs

Posters aint what they used to be I tell ya.

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I’m going to say 1-1 in this one, sooner or later someone is going to score one of these good chances we are giving up.

Serious? hah

2-1 Fulham

3-1 Arsenal, Laca brace and Iwobi.

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Let it roll. Another win. Thanks.

Would have been surprised if you had said the opposite :smile:

Expect Torreira and Holding to keep their places. Hopefully Mustafi is finally benched.

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Fulham are a dangerous side. Tough game this, they have quality players


Fulham leak goals. Not that we don’t, but I would be a bit disappointed if we don’t get three points here. Although the moment we will drop points is getting closer and closer.

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