France Thread


Giroud, Griezmann, Lacazette, Mbappe, Martial, Fekir and Payet.

That’s what I’d go for.

Griezmann, Mbappe, Martial, Fekir, and Payet and Lemar can all provide width while Giroud and Lacazette provide some different options.


Lacazette has surely to get a call, as he has been in-form recently.

My picks:



Having seen Lacazette for some time this season I’m not sure Giroud and him play differently. Lacazette has target man qualities/style in my opinion. Just not the height.


Didn’t know Fekir was French haha. Thought he was from Morocco or something


His family hail from Algeria. I think he might have played for them at youth level – or perhaps he was called up but declined. I’ve definitely read something like that.


Not sure about the situation in Great Britain/Germany, but the Netherlands, Belgium and France have a lot of North-African/Morrocan immigrants. With France on the top of my head Fekir, Ben Arfa, Benzema, Zidane, Nasri, Ben Yedder and so on.


We probably have a decent sized migrant population from North Africa, but nothing compared to France and Spain. I guess they have a greater historical presence there + geographical reasons.


No Martial, Payet or Lacazette


Martial just has to leave United. Such a wasted talent.

Not surprised to see Lacazette miss out


I wasn’t expecting Mendy either. How many minutes has he played this season?

And no Rabiot. I haven’t watched much of PSG, has he not been very good?


Honestly never understood why teams pick 3 GKs for an at most 7 game tournament.


Martial will surely be seeking for another club now. No Coman either. Dont really get the Thauvin inclusion.


It’s a FIFA rule. Teams have to pick 3 GKs


atleast we get a fresh laca for the prem


Thauvin is one of the most in form players in Europe and has had an incredible season.

Laporte may need to consider playing for Spain, Rami gets in over him? Bloody hell. As for Martial he’s out the door, no way he’s still at United within two years.


Ok then have watched zero ligue 1 this season. On paper deffo the strongest team at the WC. Unfortunately for them they have Dechamps as manager.


Laca :sob: wanted to see him at the world cup


He’s on the reserve list, so if we can arrange for someone’s legs to be broken… :grin:


Thought Laca would have been called-up, but i guess he has regained form too late.


I knew he would because Deschamps is a shit manager who still picks Adil Rami and can’t get over his obsession with Giroud.