France Thread


You’ve got some great young players like, RVP, Sneijder and Robben :wink:


Midfield and attack :giroud3:


Has Benzema not been forgiven yet? He deserves to be in the squad



Holland will get destroyed.


Our new left winger starting for France? :xhaka:


Haha Giroud up front, not Lacashite.


Of course he had to score. Cunt.


I absolutely love the French squad.


What a cunt he is! No respect for us anymore :hipster:


Today's @GFFN x @Guardian: France have all the talent in the world but look like a team of individuals.

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 5 september 2017

They need to get rid of Deschamps. France has the quality to go on an Spain like run, but if they don’t get proper coaching EURO 2016 is going to happen more often than actually winning.


Take fucking wenger off our hands he can be the france coach and leave us the hell alone!


And there’s us taking Welbeck…


Giroud, Griezmann, Dembele, Mbappe, Martial, Fekir and Payet. What’s hard here?


Well you say that, but looking at the comments – most disagree with that. Got a few saying it’ll be the first 7 on the list and Martial will miss out.
Some shouts for Ben Yedder too.


Only question mark in your selection is Dembele.


Yeah wasn’t sure about Dembele or Coman. I really like Coman’s directness as a winger, i’d probs switch them now tbh

The token poacher spot has already gone to Giroud :joy:


Griezman, Lacazette/Giroud, Dembele, Mbappe, Martial, Fekir, Coman, and Thauvin, sacrificing one of their shit midfielders like Bakoyoko or a third GK


If it’s between Lacazette and Giroud for a place, it’s be Giroud. Oli G is a definite I think – and could probably start, much to your delight i’m sure :grin:


No doubt you’re right, Deschamps is a joke of a manager.