Formula One

Yeah I saw that but personally don’t agree in that situation. Maybe it’s the way the rules are but I think if max is ahead then yeah it’s his (George’s) fault, max was being too aggressive imo.

crossover ep

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Protect Martin Brundle at all costs


I did a pretty nifty lap round Las Vegas on the F1 23 game, in a streamer’s lobby. :racing_car::dash:

Lol the short back and sides :joy:

You using a wheel?

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Not yet. Been meaning to get one for about the last two years :joy:


Formula 1 is pretty exciting actually if you don’t pay attention to Max Verstappen winning every race :joy:

Take out the Red Bulls and this season would have been a classic

How fucking stupid are the FIA man

What happened?

Basically announced funny business between Susie Wolff and Toto, based on team complaints. But no evidence.

All the teams said that’s rubbish.

Now they’ve gone back on it.

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What the actual fuck, that name is horrific :joy::joy: sponsors taken over completely.


Strange times indeed

Visa Cash App RB

That’s a disgusting name for any team and would instantly make me switch to Mastercard


Fucking hell, there should be rules against this shite.


Imagine you’re a F1 driver, the highest race class there is. The elite of the elite.

Yet you drive for team Visa Cash App.

:white: :jorginho: :arteta3:


100% agree…I’m getting flashbacks to Fight Club! This is just bad for the sport!

“and we’re here at the 2024 Italian Grand Prix, it’s the final lap of an action packed race, Daniel Ricciardo has just come out of Tamburello
and taken the Visa Cash App into pole past Max Verstappen in the red bull!!!”

Fuck. Right. Off. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im amazed we got to 2024 before something this stupid happened tbh.