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Good lad. We’ll make a F1 fan out of you yet, now you’ve got mighty Max :wink:

Massive win for Lewis. If Nico got penalized for communicating with his box Hamilton would be just one point behind him. Ferrari got worse and worse, instead.

How did max do?

Max raced brilliantly and finished 3rd just behind the mighty Mercs. He’s a future World Champ for sure.


Always made me laugh the doubters about Verstappen even during last year being called ‘overrated’ etc. That kid is incredible. That pass around the outside on Rosberg at a corner you don’t pass at was superb!

Only a matter of time until he joins the list of World Champions in the future


So it turns out Nico Rosberg has been penalised 20 seconds for the radio transmissions.

Max officially up to second place due to that.

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Lewis is only one point behind Nico now.

I just want Rosberg to get what he deserves. So infuriating the number of times shit like that happens which gifts him something.

That qualifying seemed to take forever. Lucky break from Rosberg at the end there, really hopind Ricciardo can do something good tomorrow

Crazy qualifying! Red Bull seems to be well-placed for tomorrow.

Weird session but ultimately the order remains very much the same. Hoping Red Bulls can get off the line in the style the Ferraris managed 12 months ago.

Kimi’s day is fucked, tough ask to get a decent finish tomorrow.

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Hamilton back to the top after winning his 5th race in the last six. Really an impressive comeback after Nico had started the season with 4 wins in the first 4 races. Red Bull has confirmed their great moment with a podium and a 5th place. Verstappen is really becoming a true champion in a making. The way he closed Kimi down was on the line, but that’s what a true great driver does.

Enjoyed that race. Good to see battles right till the death.



As a Ferrari fan, it’s becoming increasingly boring watching F1, season after season. The only hope I have is for Vettel or Kimi to do something spectacular at the start of the race and get ahead of the pack. That is the only way Ferrari can get ahead at the moment, and even then, they have to ensure they don’t fuck their pitstop strategy like they have a few times this season, if they want to finish on the podium.

Have been reading about Vettel wanting to leave Ferrari at the end of his current contract as he is not happy with the undue amount of pressure the team has been under, especially with rumours that Maurizio Arrivabene might be replaced doing the rounds. I think it’s been a long time since we have seen two teams, that have equally good cars and drivers on the grid, that are competing tooth and nail for the title. The last few years has been about 1 team dominating and the others fighting amongst themselves. Also, am bored of this whole Nico-Lewis saga, which I feel is being unnecessarily hyped because there is nothing else to talk about in the sport. I think F1 needs Ferrari to get back to it’s best, competing at the top, in every race. Red bull seem to be getting back to their best, which is great news for the sport. If only Ferrari and/or McLaren to get back to the top, that would make for an interesting watch.

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I totally agree with you mate. Starting well is probably the only thing where Ferrari is very good at, if not the best car. The car is very slow and lack a good framework.

After a mistake by Kimi, I love the way the cameras always cut to Arrivabene making a disdained look lol.

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6th win in the last 7 races for Lewis in the German Grand Prix. Now he is 19 points above Rosberg. Another great race for Red Bull that puts them second in the Championship Constructors’ standings. Ferrari doesn’t need any talk, instead.

Get in my son.


The Belgian Grand Prix starts in about 20 minutes. It’s gonna be tight, as Rosberg, Verstappen, Raikkonen and Vettel are all very close. Interesting to see Hamilton starting from the bottom.