Football Songs

Better than your monotonous Opera music

The best thing about that tournament.


Global Fussball OK

Arsenal really need some type of crowd/player motivation song for when they exit the tunnel. I’ve been trying to figure out the most appropriate song for ages. My 3 year old is obsessed with this live acdc dvd lol, and this song couldn’t be more perfect. Seriously I don’t think there’s a more appropriate song for the Arsenal to enter the Emirates to, I mean cmon this song includes a 21 gun salute. It’s far superior to the wonder of you by Elvis, I know that much :grin:

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This Arsenal Football Club, not the North London Bobcats, Curt, pal.

I mostly prefer the atmosphere, and fanfare of the PL as opposed to murican sporting events but Arsenal and the Emirates are so boring…this would probably help improve that atmosphere.

If your gonna do AC/DC then Thunderstruck

Angus is a gooner


Maybe put some Drake or Kanye on to get the mainstream crowd going. @JakeyBoy @CunningLinguist

You need gaps so as to stick in a few “Arsenals”.

Gonna kick Mourinho and Pochettino’s ass with Hells Bells :giroud2:

“I’m rolling thunder pouring rain I’m coming on like a hurricane” :giroud2:


AC / DC isn’t bland or inoffensive enough to ever get near the ‘Emirates Stadium’ PA system.

Since football fans by and large are notoriously thick, this would definitely work.

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We don’t have a walkout song do we. Maybe Kanye - Power would work.

Q.e.d. :grinning:

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Ticking clock…

We should come out to this, cannons bar classic.