Football Should not be Special

While football amorally considers every which way it can protect its money, I’ve been growing increasingly contemptuous of the whole rotten to the core corrupt mess.

After a few weeks without football, I’ve come to realise I’m alright without it. Liverpool Vs Atletico was, to my mind, the last time the sport should ever be allowed to put itself first on a societal level. The more this goes on the more utterly apalling the decision to play that game was, a product of the self interest and greed that we all abide to follow our clubs.

This crisis will, I hope, be an absolute reckoning for football. We are dealing with an event that will fundamentally shift everyone’s priorities, and the numbers of people that are going to be able to pay extortionate subscriptions, memberships, ticket prices and so on is going to be affected. Where people are still able to afford it, they may be less willing to. This is going to change football, as it is changing almost every way in which we live our lives. Things are not going back to the way they were.

And certainly, when this is finally over I hope football does have to contend with some of the consequences of its selfishness. Withholding medical facilities and personnel in case they are needed to finish a season that would be played for little more reason than to obtain TV money is abhorrent.

The contingency plans that have been mooted, playing games behind closed doors, players made to live in covid-sterile camps are like the stuff of dystopian fiction. The idea that football clubs should be allowed to obtain Covid-19 tests that are needed in the health service is an affront to everyone working to minimise the loss of life from this pandemic.

Football clubs and their owners throwing players under the bus of public opinion while they syphon off public money to furlough their most vulnerable employees to protect a fraction more of their millions should revolt every one of us.

Football should stay in its box, and remain there until its told it can come out. When the government, when the scientists believe the threat has passed and not one moment before. Football should not be a pioneer, should not be the vehicle for an experiment to see whether they and those like them can start milking people again, putting them at risk as they do so. Not one ball kicked, not one public resource consumed. Society and people come first. Football is neither of those things. In better times, football’s excesses could be ignored and tolerated. Not any more.


I mean, it doesn’t help when everyone immediately starts ordering Premier League footballers to part with their money. As if they are responsible for the crisis.

:hushed: is this true? Did specific clubs do this?

I agree with your overall point though. There is obviously some massive self interest at play.

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That was the hold up when the government request came in. Clubs didn’t know if their facilities were going to be in use

Overall I agree. As someone who travelled to London on average twice a year to watch a game of football it’s hard to see how I’ll go back to that once this is all over. I’ve already gone away from giving the club any money other than my membership and match tickets and possibly some food or beer in the stadium, gave up sports channel subscriptions years ago and haven’t bought a jersey in the guts of ten years.

My relationship with PL football was already tenuous and this will just increase that.

And it’s not just football, all sport will be facing a similar reckoning when all this dust has finally settled, the landing is just going to be hardest for football.


It’s not just football. Here in the Netherlands certain professors, (small) business owners and sorts are voicing the opinion that the current measures are killing their business/the economy. These measure in their book could have more negative consequences than extra deaths because of corona.

It’s a bit cheap to point football out.


This is the bit I don’t relate to. I feel like football fans are split here. For example, I have a friend who feels a bit like this and he has pretty much lost all interest. But then I have other friends (and I am in this category too) who can’t wait for football to return (and normal life, when it is safe obviously).

My life pretty much revolved around sport (maybe that’s a little sad, but that’s another discussion :laughing: ) I watch football, cricket, tennis and golf mainly, but anything will do. And when it’s all back, I’ll watch it all again, but this time with more appreciation.


Oh I can’t wait for football to come back and Shamrock Rovers were on fucking fire before this all happened and it was shaping up to be a special season. I really hope they can somewhat maintain that and am excited to find out.

But Arsenal? The PL? Meh. I’ll still tune in for free as much as possible but that’s probably about it.

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I’m definitely going to follow Shamrock Rovers when football is back


@Phoebica my feelings are the same as yours, I’ll be greatful as all hell to have sport back when this is all over and I’ll probably appreciate it more irrespective of results.

That’s not to say I don’t think @Leper doesn’t have some valid points about greed etc.

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The self absorption and importance of football has killed the game for me. It belongs on the back page of the paper, not the front.
It shouldn’t make a mention on the news. We’ve got dedicated channels to sport which at first I loved. Like most things though too much is less.
I’ve fell out of love with the top end of this sport for a while. Not prepared to shuffle things around for a range of kick off times now.
Football too go forward has too take a huge step backwards. The games gone from a sport too a business to that horrible term of clubs becoming brands.
Not sure many involved including supporters have the humility to look for the change the game needs.

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Football is the one thing that made your day to day interesting. Your passion

I miss it terribly. Podcasts during the week then watching the live football on the weekend every weekend. + FPL :sob:

It’s got to happen but this working from home, not allowed to go out and no football is so fucking boring

Football was getting boring.

It was shit


I’m still listening to them all. The football podcasts are all still going, bless them.

In your opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

The only one I listen to still in these corona times is Arsecast and THO and they are really struggling for content now :joy:

Speak for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong there was absolutely a time when this was true for me, but of all the things I miss about normal life, its well down the list for me.


Oh yeah they’re all struggling. Guardian Football Weekly had a Sid Lowe special last week, they literally just asked him about his life. And Totally Football Show have a quiz World Cup going on between all their contributors. But hey, I want to stick with them through thick and thin.

Stadio and Arsecast are top of the heap for me in this down period.

That’s what I was doing haha?

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Yes, I saw you recommend Stadio last week. I have since subscribed. Only listened to one show so far, but definitely sounds right up my street, so thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face: