Football quiz questions

I think a chunk of his Sunderland goals were from the bench too which is why I picked him.

Thought it would’ve been more than 24

Where’s ole on the list?

He had 17. He probably got a lot more in cup competitions as he was a sub specialist pretty much at united throughout.

Yeah, me too, felt like a surprisingly small number

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Who is the only former Premier League player to have represented his country in 4 decades of football. 1989 to 2010?

has to be a gk

Is it that goalkeeper that was known for wearing tracky bottoms? Hungarian I think.

Not a keeper

Dwight Yorke?

Tim cahill?

No and no. He’s a European.

Is it Ryan Giggs?

Henrik Larsson?

He won the CL with Ajax and played for Liverpool under Houlier.


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yep. Thats the one.

Tough one if any of you fancy giving it a go

I think one of them will be the Arsenal legend, Lee Chapman. :grinning:

There all cunts