Football quiz questions

One of thems a midfielder that surprised me with how many he scored. Currently managing a championship club :grin:

Lee Bowyer

I got 8/17 snuck one in right at the end as well

Can’t believe a certain french striker only got the one league during his many years here :grin:

12 is pretty decent

I missed a couple of obvious ones as well. @Phoebica :eyes:

Did you miss King Hector?

think that was one I missed tbh

You should both be ashamed of yourselves

I’m leaving OA for good because of it

You don’t need to do that, but you should get rid of the Charlton logo and replace it with Bellerin’s face

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I like Hector but not as much as a whole club

11 out of 17… the 6 I missed are all “how the F did I forget him”



Five were pre 2007. The other was May 2011

Another one for you all to try

Our top three goalscorers per premier league seasons :grin:

got 65/92, the ones I missed in the earlier seasons I never would have got but some in the newer seasons is embarrasing to miss

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Got most of them. Missed the really obscure ones like Arteta :laughing:

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what score did you get?


Even missed Mkhitaryan and that was last season. I couldn’t for the life of me think who else scored for us last season.

I get so panicky trying to remember stuff when a time limit is on