Football quiz questions

Name 4 players to win the Champions League and world cup in the same seasons.

first thought Spaniards in 2010 but Inter prolly didn’t have any, then Germans 2014 and in Real Madrid, which I think Khedira fits? that should be one

should maybe spoiler tag it btw, in case others want to think about it :slight_smile:

Varane, Khedira

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Khedira is one.

Two. Will do next time @oompa. If people prefer it.

Roberto Carlos

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Karembeu 1998 with Real Madrid & France, nice one.

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That and Khedira were the only ones I actually knew lol



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I was kind of correcting myself there but there were quickly answers everywhere anyway so no point here now lol

So Khedira, Varane, Karembeu and Carlos.

They all played at RM while doing it then I suppose, funny coincidence I guess that those were the first guesses.

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Imagine winning both CL & World cup in a single season as a player.
(even better if it means that the wins are within span of couple of months, don’t know if World cup is start of season or end).

I would gladly retire after that.

Yeah there’s a load of West Germany ones from the European cup. Thought I’d just go CL.


Wish Henry was a 5th in 2006 :cry:

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Henry and finals. Hmmm.

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Name two players that won a World Cup, league title and Champions League in successive seasons.

Pirlo and Gattuso :thinking:

No, a bit longer ago than that