Football Manager

Nice Biver.


I like my spuds well baked.

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I turned up late. Missed the Saliba goal.

Musiala makes it two nil whilst I’m at the bar, ordering my pint.

Shuffling my way over to the table as van de Ven sees red (I didn’t see the incident).

Just as I finally get to sit down with my fellow Gooners, the resulting penalty sees Saka put the game to bed.


You missed Musiala’s second goal? Oh man, he just ran with the ball from the centre circle, breezed past their “defence” and toe-poked it into the far corner. Bergkamp style.


How good is the Arsenal squad nowadays? FM must of beefed us up big time.

Downloaded the Xbox version. Haven’t played football manager for nearly 20 years. This feels like I’ve been missing out. Taken the Fulham job.

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It’s pretty good as it is but we seem to have a lot of injury-prone players which can leave you struggling with the starting squad. Saliba, Gabriel, Trossard and Rice seem a little under-rated. With some luck with the aforementioned injuries, you should be able to challenge for the title without bringing any new players in for the first season.