Football conspiracies you believe in

Saw this a few times pop up as a “YouTube short” and found it interesting.

What’s a football conspiracy that you absolutely believe in?

I saw one that said Morata was used by clubs to money launder given his career (Chelsea, Juventus x2, Real Madrid x2, Atletico Madrid) and his actual talent / output.

My personal one is that doping is rife in football (as across all major sports) and that drug testing is intentionally inadequate not so much to cover it up but rather to just ignore the potential of it being true.

I also believe that champions league draws are fixed and if it wasn’t for the fuck up with the pots this year, we’d have gotten the Messi vs. CR7 clash that they clearly wanted to give us


Manchester city’s other shadow clubs around the world are used for money laundering.


The PL deliberately keep refereeing standards lower, probably because it produces a more interesting product.


I don’t even think this is a conspiracy it’s basically a fact at this stage and anybody who doesn’t believe it is being wilfully ignorant.

The existence of Manchester City in their current state is a stain on football.


I’ve got a couple that I still find weird.
First one is when South Korea hosted the world cup and how they managed to get so far in the competition and how the referee let them beat Italy.
The second being the the real Ronaldo having a fit before the 98 world cup final.

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I’ve always believed that UEFA have always tried to protect Barcelona and Real Madrid in European competitions and had a long held dream of a Clasico final which would probably be the highest watched CL final ever.

I think UEFA actively favoured Barcelona and Real Madrid and referees were very favourable towards them.

Chelsea robbery, RVP sending off, the multiple shitty refereeing decisions for Barcelona to overturn the mega deficit against PSG. There’s just always favourable decisions.


I think a good number of players and managers in lower division leagues take bribes from gambling syndicates to influence results or specific kinds of bets on match events. The wages are very low in these leagues, just 1-2k per week for many players, and yet you can still bet on the 3 Bundesliga or League 2. And its very hard to catch somebody who is good at this especially when the gambling syndicate is based in Singapore or something.


I generally try and see the best in people, but I’m not having it that William Saliba for £30m was a legit piece of business. Nothing about the situation makes sense.


To add to this I genuinely believe players tip their friends off for stuff like “yellow cards” and stuff like that. I mean some times a player makes a senseless foul that you couldn’t rationalise if you tried and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s them making sure their friends have some money to show for it


Liverpool get favourable decisions

David Seaman didn’t really do his knee ligaments bending down to pick up a remote control. I believe the actual reason was likely thar it was either sustained during a heavy drinking session or during some sort of sex game.

David Luiz was used by Chelsea & City to navigate FFP or launder money.
Same with Lampard & City.

The world cup tournament, just you watch Qatar actually win a game or even progress from their group.

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City using David Luiz to launder money really is an outlandish conspiracy theory.


Most conspiracy theories are as always outlandish. And seldom true.

I remember one conspiracy theory that used to be spoken about a lot was in relation to Bebe’s transfer to Man United. He was so shit, that people thought there was something fishy about the deal, because they couldn’t believe that Man United and Sir Alex would make such a mistake :sweat_smile:

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It was definitely fishy.

United paid 7m for a player who played odd games for some obscure Portuguese club in 3rd division and his first contribution on field was controlling a pass out for a throw in.

It didn’t take a lot of viewing to know that he was a shit player.

Jorge Mendes was in the middle of it all too from what I remember.


Turns out it was an internal recommendation
And then Carlos Quieroz denies and says he never heard of Bebe :joy:

Edit : You are right. Jorge Mendes is one sly fucker

You’ve answered your own question when you said, “how the referee let them beat Italy,”
The ref’s just did the same in every other game.

I agree, there was something strange about this.

He was by far the best player in the World Cup and it was announced he wouldn’t play in the final yet just before the final they said he would.

But there was clearly something wrong with him so maybe they shouldn’t have allowed it, although the sponsors and TV companies had a lot to do with that decision.

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