Football conspiracies you believe in

Gazza in the 91 cup final was definitely on something.
He was out of his fucking head in that game.


barca…when in their prime how was the likes of messi, xavi iniesta etc playing 70 odd games a season at a high pace with no signs of fatigue and no injuries, to me that stunk something bad.


There is a thought of this about Liverpool, too.

Those gels they’re taking. Not quite illegal but containing nitric oxide and caffeine.


I wasn’t asking a question but stating a fact🧐

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He was definitely on something when they beat us during the semi final, there was footage of him in the tunnel as they came off his eyes popping out and pulling weird faces

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9/11 was an insi

oh sorry


Sky and PL made regs favour United and still do to an extent.

I believe that Lasagne didn’t create a rumble in the jungle by accident. :wenger:

I’m trying to let people have their fun here but it’s tough going tbh. :grin:

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The classic one is PSG vs Fartcelona in the CL and in the 2nd leg Neymar should be been sent off twice before scoring his goals (also fucking Mascherano tackle a PSG player from behind in their box right before halftime, and not even a single replay to show that)…

So fucking rigged.

Not sure i buy any of these tbh lol. Conspiracies is the true word in the title :sweat_smile:

This one isn’t a conspiracy, it’s true.:wink:

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I think you mean PSG & the Chavs. The transfer amounts seemed fishy.

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