Financial Fair Play


Yep. Obviously it won’t happen but UEFA need to ban PSG and Manchester City from European competition for the following season. It’s the only reasonable punishment.

However as we saw with Milan, the ban would only end up getting overturned in court anyway. So even if UEFA do act on the breaches - the clubs can easily have the ban overturned.






Shit club. Shit sport.


Sounds like it was UEFA who fucked up. They were the ones who said that PSG had complied with FFP, and then took three months to decide to review their decision.


Id say that sounded deliberate and convenient all round.


There’s a surprise.

In other breaking news, Spurs are a shitcunt club with shitcunt fans.


Wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘fuck up’ was part of a ruse.


It looks shady, I agree.