Financial Fair Play


Thought we had a thread on FFP, delete this if there is.

Interesting. Even more interesting that Madrid are one of the teams calling for it.

Let’s see.


so does this mean say for example you go for a mega transfer and say it costs 200m you are not allowed another transfer for 2 years?


A limit in Euros will fuck us over as the EU fails and GREAT BRITAIN becomes an economic powerhouse again. €100m will be like £10m in 5 years.


I like the idea of it but not sure if I’ll like it in practice. Pretty sure most major teams won’t support it either

@Craigie that’s bloody eurocrats trying to punish the will of the people. Would be much easier if the rest of Europe just used the Pound tbh


Rich clubs will always find a way to circumnavigate FFP.


As much as I want it to happen - as has been said the rich clubs will always find a way around it.


When you have farces like the Mbappe loan deal. . . .nah, not happening.