Financial Fair Play

Thought we had a thread on FFP, delete this if there is.

Interesting. Even more interesting that Madrid are one of the teams calling for it.

Let’s see.

so does this mean say for example you go for a mega transfer and say it costs 200m you are not allowed another transfer for 2 years?

A limit in Euros will fuck us over as the EU fails and GREAT BRITAIN becomes an economic powerhouse again. €100m will be like £10m in 5 years.

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I like the idea of it but not sure if I’ll like it in practice. Pretty sure most major teams won’t support it either

@Craigie that’s bloody eurocrats trying to punish the will of the people. Would be much easier if the rest of Europe just used the Pound tbh

Rich clubs will always find a way to circumnavigate FFP.


As much as I want it to happen - as has been said the rich clubs will always find a way around it.


When you have farces like the Mbappe loan deal. . . .nah, not happening.

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I remember believing in FFP. It’s believing in santa level delusion on my part looking back.

I think hard-line caps need to be put in place, not this , ‘spend what you earn’ nonsense.

But I wonder if any action will be taken, even after this barefaced cheating.

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They will be fined.

Under the new rules this will involve the head of UEFA (I’m not learning his name, fuck him) sending them a letter telling them “that’s fine, carry on”.

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I think the entire Uefa organisation need to be purged and rebuilt from the grassroots up.

Serious Question: Why do we allow greedy old men to corrupt football at every turn?

Why don’t common football fans have greater influence?


Yet again I end up asking myself why do I bother with this game. Never any sanctions put on these clubs. No journalist ever asks a player or manager what he thinks about playing for these clubs.
Every other week we have Pep with his cute yellow ribbon showing his political support and beliefs back home. That looks all a bit phoney though when your working for a bent organisation.


British press a disgrace to their profession.

Can’t even call them journalists.

All the swooning they do over city. Makes me sick. Disgraceful people. Completely bought and paid for. Glorified publicists. No different to those people like Perez Hilton or E! entertainment.

Actually Perez is more hard-hitting in his journalism.


As long as the obscene amounts of money are involved in football there will always be corruption and teams that will bend the rules. There is no way anything will ever be done about stuff like this and the sooner we realise this the better.

Very least people can do though is not laud a corrupt club to the rafters when they know what their watching is bent.


Financial fair play, or as it’s otherwise known, an oxymoron.

Since we’re one of the richer European clubs that is exactly what you want. But if UEFA themselves are going to help City, PSG, Zenith, Lokomotiv etc to by-pass the rules than indeed whole FFP is worthless.

Came across on his interview over the city allegations as Pep trying to distance himself from any malpractice. citing himself as being the coach and dealing with the players only.
Not fully buying that but hopefully theres a few more of these questions and leads to some unrest in the camp in the coming weeks.

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Any appreciation of such successful teams should always be accompanied by a reminder to how they were formed.