Financial Fair Play


And continue too be.


Out of interest, where do you draw the line? In terms of “how they were formed”?


I don’t know what Trion’s point is, but for me, all of PSG and Man City’s recent success has now been proven to be as a result of cheating.

They cheated. So any admiration of their play, Pep, or their tactics, or Tuchel, PSG etc. Should be qualified by the fact they cheated to get that.

Not like Chelsea because there were no rules against it at the time. We could be all moral about it but whatever.

There are rules against that kind of financial doping now, and PSG and City have been proven to have broken them.

So that’s why any of their recent and future success should have that asterisk.

I’m not going to admire my Monopoly opponent’s numerous hotels and houses on Mayfair when they literally took whatever money they needed out of the bank to finance them and controlled whatever the dice rolled on to so they could get it.


Manchester City have stopped United and Chelsea winning it season after season. I don’t give a fuck about City winning it so there’s that


That’s the difference between Roman at Chelsea and all the current mega rich teams. There was nobody to stop Roman so he didn’t need to enter into inflated sponsorship deals and stuff. He just pumped money into the club because he was allowed to and nobody could stop him. City and PSG have blatantly broken the rules and should be punished accordingly. Suspension from European competition and a massive fine is the place to start.


but winning like that although they may laud it over everyone and act like total cunts, its gotta deep down feel somewhat hollow knowing they have bought up all talent around them because they could and broke rules to do so. I know everyone is happy when they are winning and it has to be an amazing feeling knowing that they were closer to relegation than winning anything before the sheikhs came in. Surely though it takes away from it a bit knowing that you didnt really win on merit you won because of loading the decks in your favour


I don’t think the Man City fans would be too bothered tbh with respect to where the money has come from. One reason. Manchester United.

They absolutely love having one over on them


Bet you any money though it will be brushed under the carpet and the powers that be will be like ‘yes it happened and it is bad, but it happened a while ago and time has passed so its all water under the bridge’


It’s always what happens. Corruption is rife. Barcelona having a transfer embargo overturned. Ronaldo not having to serve a 3 game ban recently.

It seems that the minute you get lawyered up, money talks and bullshit walks


They have also made it impossible for us to dream of winning the league again on the flip side, but yeah I’d rather City win than United or Chelsea.


This is my ignorance showing here, but have they actually broken any rules? Or have they just found “clever” loopholes?


City getting away with stuff like this means Arsenal cant win much long term. Yeah you can have a decent season here and there but your never going to be building much.
If their just pouring more money in through the back door they will always dominate. Seriously your also looking at a club cosying up with partnerships that violate human rights.


Going by the 3 chapters on Der Spiegel they have broken plenty imo. The leaks also have them as admitting to deceiving UEFA on their last punishment.


It’s all in here.

Some long, but very interesting reads.

From my understanding, UEFA knew Man City and PSG were breaking the rules. Their sponsorships were not 'fair value’s

However they got no ban (unlike AC Milan etc) as they managed to get it sorted all behind the scenes.

It’s a disgrace clubs like AC Milan and Inter Milan have so much FFP scrutiny while they try to reclaim their spot as elite clubs, while these plastic frauds (that are the reason this kind of legislation is needed in the first place, and who it was targeted to stop) are getting away Scot free.

Platini and Sarkozy made sure of that. Corrupt fuckers.

@Stroller these were the ones you were talking about right? Thanks for the heads up m8


I’ve liked that before reading cos I asked the question in good faith, not from an agenda driven point of view, and appreciate the links.

Better go to bed now but that’ll make good reading en route to this conference I’ve gotta go to tomorrow :+1:


No probs buddy

And just quoting the truth there, because I know how these things go :henry2:


5Live tonight tried to link Dave Whelan at Wigan doing for them what City have done. Thats a shit equation and one I worry the media in this country might try to push.
Whelans a benefactor ffs,this is completely different.
Press and media are so inter linked with football here I just feel it will get played down. Also imo fans of all clubs get squeamish of the game being shown in a negative light on its own doorstep.


Part 4


The saddest part of it all is that nothing will change. They will maybe have to pay a fine, but PSG and City will continue to do what they have done.


From the leaks it looks like City"s owners have put in £5bn into the team. Ridiculous amounts of money that could do so much good in the world, but is being spent on kicking a ball

I’d love it if all those migrant workers rose up and had some kind of revolution.