FIFA World Cup - Fantasy Football




I think the Euros was more defensive because you could qualify through 3rd in the group. Imo it’s better to have a sexy front 3 than a solid defence :grinning:


Nobody going for milinkovic-savic?


Can I join?? Just doing my team now…Iwobi or no Iwobi!


That is the question.


I decided against Iwobi…probably for the best!


Doubt most cared to read the rules, so here’s a tip - you get one wild card, unlimited transfers after the groups and then 5 transfers after each round (think it was 5). So build your teams with consideration of the first two games mostly.



Here’s the app for Android lads

Dont have iOS cos I’m not a noob but they have one now too.


had to change my team again:


Did you see that goal by Poulsen?!



yeah it was incredible. especially coming from him :smiley: reminded me of the Ox’s goal against Chelsea in the 2016 Community Shield 1-0 victory. What do you think about the midfield situation and especially Kvist?


I haven’t seen enough games recently to comment but we’ve qualified with Kvist as our cm so if it ain’t broke…

That said having a left footed LB would probably make sense and I’d be keen to give Fischer and Dolberg more opportunities up front and wouldn’t mind letting someone else try CM.

What do you/other Danes think?


Im no fan of kvist on the teamsheet, but i trust Hareide enough if he really insists on using him. Like you i am very keen of giving Fischer and Dolberg more chances as Jørgensen and Poulsen have underwhelmed in the qualifiers.

im keen on giving Lasse Schøne some more games instead of Kvist. Schøne adds better passing, flow and offensive power. Furthermore i think its sad that we play a right footed Stryger-Larsen as LB. It really hinders the offensive play on the left side.


Yeah that’s basically what I’ve heard.

It’s a shame as Schøne has been so great at Ajax for so many years and has shown he can adapt his game to CM when necessary and his lack of athleticism isn’t a huge issue because look at Kvist lol


Switched my team around quite a lot today and actually really happy with it. :sunglasses:


Interested. Pls PM.


I would love to join the league. Please PM me. Thanks.


Just done this in about half hour, so it’ll probably look completely different by KO tomorrow, but for now…


@Electrifying gonna be triggered at seeing mueller haha